The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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yes I believe you are right it is the six numerals at the end

just looked under the bonnet it appears when lpg was installed they didn't fit a flash lube kit

Gilbertd wrote:

I was under the impression that it was all new builds from sometime this year had to have an EV charge point, no idea if it has been pushed back or not. I like new builds with good insulation, I'm installing AC systems in peoples new build houses as it gets too hot in the bedrooms as soon as the sun comes out.....

your right new builds and major renovation projects have to have ev change points built think it was the 15th of this month even some commercial property's have to have them now

doing the same as a lot as people I'm putting my range rover sport back on lpg got the tank full just looking for the oil bottle for it

thats the thing the government are pushing for EVs
like you say lpg didn't take off to well cause of demand plus the major fuel stations fell out with calor
I'm In the building industry and my boss was telling me they now stating that after a certain date all new builds and major renovation projects must install a electrical charge point

I've got 100 liter tank fitted to mine
cost 85p a litre from local garage

Gilbertd wrote:

P38 doesn't need it, the valves and seats are hard enough to not suffer. Now you've got a Supercharged Sport, the Jag engine you have definitely does need it. Somewhere under the bonnet you should have a reservoir for the fluid.

thanks mate ill have a look around for it
me and a mate sorted out the filling point for it had the tank filled up yesterday 85 quid for full tank
just wasn't sure if it had the flash lube fitted to it when it was Installed

do you lads and lasses use the flash lube kits if so how would I know if my system has it fitted and where would I be best to look for it?

just been on phone to local lpg supplier and she told me that BP are removing thier tanks the closest garage that supplies lpg is now 20 minutes drive one way

yep that's the one thats why you don't get front fogs on a diesel and if you do it rare to see

just sent you a message mate
thanks karl

how old is your rr pierre3 as I have a vin number checker I could pm you it should give you the wood type on there

sadly a V8 RR rad won't fitt in a diesel as the closer pipes run through the middle
pluss I belive the diesel rad is smaller because of the intercooler I might be wrong on that one

welcome to the forum

might have to purchase one of these

hi folks sorry not p38 related
I've got a 2006 RRS I'm on the look out for a detachable towbar if someone knows where I would be best to source one.
I've tried local breakers and they seem to sell quicker than hot cakes at the minute.
I'm based in Norfolk if that helps

I did see on a social media site that some one was making a cup holder
it could possibly be someone on here?

(https://postimg.cc/y308LLkB "enter image title here")
any one be interested in these before they go to local dump they came out of a off roading p38 I never got round to fitting them in mine they do not have the SRS wires in the base so out of a older model

@Gilbertd you got the right karl I have got the Sport and alas the key fob you can't change just the buttons you have to change the whole case
one cut and coded to my sport was 200 plus vat and anything up to 7 days delivery

hi guys I've just purchased a new blank key blade a fob as my old one the buttons have worn through
I know the old case is glued together I just wondering if you lovely chaps or chapesses have any tips on taking old fob apart to swap the innards in to new case
as much as I love my RR I didn't want to pay £200 plus on a key so that's why I just went for empty case and blade