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just a update people
After a couple of phone calls to @Gilbertd I found out it was the dust cover on the half shaft had been put on back to front when some previous work had been done on the hub of the range rover

Gilbertd wrote:

Looking at the pictures in the parts listing, I can't see what that bit could be. Is it towards the outside (wheel side) or inside (diff side)? The reluctor notches don't appear to be central in the hole so something isn't quite right.

it the rear of the hub so closer to the diff side
Once get break in the weather I'm going to take passengers rear off and see what the difference is

it like the hub flange is not in the right place or the hub has been done up to tight

thanks I was using my phone to upload from imgbb.com

hi folks my 320 4.2 V8 supercharger has chewed a right rear abs sensor
enter image description here
enter image description here
enter image description here
the picture with the blue arrow is pointing to the part that is causing the groove as I spin the rear hub it rotating as well so it cut the groove in the sensor
I'm wondering would anyone be able to shed any light on the subject

jpsrover wrote:

Hi,well here she is. :D

enter image description here
enter image description here
enter image description here
Nice looking range rover is it a vogue model

Velvet wrote:

Yes STC171 or EEQ100400 but at the moment no one seems to have it available in Europe.
could you not get it shipped to you from someone

STC171 I believe is the part number

drove my l320 for months with exhaust manifold blow it didn't cause no problems to the head
but it did cause a load of faults with the lamba sensors causing it to over fuel so kept ailing emissions test

is it the manifold it self and not just the gasket given out
have a look on lrcat and get part number and do bit of online pricing so you know how much your looking at

always worth a check mate 👍

ac6 wrote:

karlos01 wrote:

have you changed the exhaust manifold?
you might have a slight blow on the gasket

I installed refurbished heads and head gaskets a few months ago, so all gaskets were replaced at the time. Originally, before I noticed the rattling cats, I thought this might have been a minor split or something in the exhaust manifold. It does sometimes sound quite like an exhaust blow, but then I can't decide, as I feel like it comes from lower down than that and if it was the manifold then I would hear it louder under the bonnet.

Honestly the closest place I feel like I could point the noise as coming from was the passenger side cat, so now it isn't the cat, I'm not really sure where else to look!

mine had a blow on exhaust manifold on passenger side(mines the l320 4.2 V8 supercharger) and could hear it more behind the wheel than under the bonnet just give the manifold bolts a little torque to make sure they tight enough

have you changed the exhaust manifold?
you might have a slight blow on the gasket

upnorth wrote:

Can you give me an idea of where to look for the problem? As I said originally the abs tc lights only came on after putting osf wheel onto grass as coming out of a parking bay, is that just a coincidence?.

if you do a live drive test with diagnostic system on the wheel speed sensors
what ever MPH/KPH is showing the sensors should read the same so it doing 20mph the sensors should read 20mph to
hopes it makes sence

spent this afternoon putting exhaust manifold bolts in my L320 4.2 SC sport bloody pig of a job as not much room to get to the front bolts as they behind the alternator

my 4.2 V8 supercharger sport has a ticking sound under load it the exhaust manifold gasket got a leak

fixing the side step trim on my L320 only to find that one of the brackets has corroded fairly bad and will need replacing
old step removed cleaned and had a coat of red oxide paint
and tomorrow will be a coat of black hammerite and reattach trim on with new stainless steel rivets

Gilbertd wrote:

Huh? But you've already found the right stuff. Or do you mean 75W-90 for the diffs?

yes sorry was ment to say diffs the mechanic has got me to order the kit I posted (comment 14 ) diff oil will be ordered today engine oil was done last month so that will be good till next year or if the milage comes around quicker