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Hi everyone - hope everyone on here is OK.

Sorry - been out of the loop for a while - my P38 went earlier in the year after the engine did the inevitable and overheated - in spite of my best efforts!

I am left with a second hand pair of front radius arms (I was going to re-bush them and replace mine).

If anyone is interested - please get in touch. txt on 07798730047 if you prefer.

Best wishes all


So, with a very heavy heart, after nearly 2 years of great fun, the time has come that my beloved Rangie has to move on. The MOT ran out in Dec 19 and I haven't used her on the road since and in all honesty, I can't afford to keep her since losing my job after Christmas.

I have yet to advertise her elsewhere and would love it if someone on here would take over her ongoing care.

I have documented on here what I have done during my ownership and I will sell her with 12 months MOT and a new service before moving on. She is not perfect but in my opinion is a rot free, well maintained example.

She does use a bit of coolant (with no obvious leaks). During my tenure, I have replaced the o-rings but not investigated the losses any further. I originally intended to overhaul the engine at some point but I can't now see that happening and I really need to release some funds. The head lining fabric was totally removed by the previous owner and the fibreglass panel is in great shape - it has never bothered me so I left it alone. She is a non sun roof model which I prefer - more head room and no leaks!

I have a set of spare front radius arms that will go with her. I have a full breakdown of my expenditure during the last 2 years and have spent over £1500 over the purchase price to keep her reliable - she has never failed to start and has been 100% reliable.

I'm not looking to necessarily recoup what she has cost me but with a full MOT, about 116k miles and overall tidy condition I'd be open to sensible offers from you chaps before putting her online elsewhere.

Any interest?



Nice to see a good vehicle - roof lining looks amazing! Not sure these guys know diddly but good to see anyway.

Happy New Year one and all

Spent today down in the glorious Dedham Vale. Took Wife, 2 kids (late teens) 3 dogs and were joined by parents in their 80s. Add in a canoe on the roof which the kids paddled from Dedham to Flatford Mill while we walked the dogs after a great lunch at the boat house and it is hard to imagine life getting any better.

I should add, prompted by R Gilbert's advice to just trust your P38 and get on with life, the 2 hour trip from home (and then back again) passed without incident. I did spend Tuesday AM checking fluids and taking off the rad to filler reservoir hose and blowing through just for good measure.

I've had plenty of older 'classic cars' (and indeed have a 40 yr old Lotus under repair) but I'm rapidly coming to the view that circa 2000 yr 'classics' are the way to go in terms of everyday usability and availability of parts.

Being one of the 'lucky' over 50's owners, I was pleasantly surprised last year with a quote from the AA for a 6000 mile, zero no claims (second car) of £227.

This year they have jacked it up to £261 (now with 1 yr NCB). Just moved to Admiral for £182. At least the difference will pay for 3/4 of a tank of fuel (lol!)

On 'lower' value insurance premiums it is easy to ignore the £50 hike as not worth the hassle but when you hunt around, that £50 can become £80 and is suddenly more noticeable.

I will never understand how it is cheaper for companies to find new business than to keep existing clients????

Cleaned, polished and treated to some new rear tailgate gas struts!







Hi all,
In spite of having found a vehicle a year ago with nice dry carpet on the RHS transmission tunnel, my O rings now appear to be leaking.
I am hoping to sort this quite soon, adopting the 'cut through the side panel' approach. I am getting through about 1/2lt of coolant every 1000 miles so I'm hoping that this is the only problem (fingers tightly crossed) but I need to sort this out before worrying that it is something more sinister!

Whilst I have the binnacle out to remove the air ducting, I thought I'd look at replacing the dash lights with LEDs. I'm pretty sure I read that someone else has already done this (Marty maybe?). If so, is there a direct bulb replacement or is it more involved (ie fitting new bulb plugs etc)?


Hi - I've just picked up a reversing camera with a 4.3 inch screen. I'm hoping to fit the screen somewhere around the recess beside the clock but as I'm awaiting delivery I'll have to play that one by ear. Has anyone else done this?

Although I suspect that some of you may scorn at this idea, I am keen to do it - I'm pretty good at knowing where the edges are but in an attempt to avoid possible car parking problems £27 seemed like a good investment :)

I originally thought of putting in sensors but the idea of irreversibly drilling 4 holes in the rear bumper was a bit of a no-no for me. I still have to drill a hole (beside the door button) in the tailgate but this looks quite straightforward.

I've just had the inside cover off the bottom tailgate where there is a electric connector to the reversing light with 4 small white wires numbered (L-R) 3, 4, 1 and 13 (with 1 and 13 seemingly sharing a connection). Can anyone please point me towards the wire to use to power the camera? Had a good look at RAVE but can't see any wiring info that helps - I found the wiring diagram and connector C0489 details but they are less than helpful in indicating which small wire does what!

Thanks in advance


Hi Everyone. Happy New Year - not posted for a while as I've been trying to reduce my life on line - quite therapeutic (albeit not necessarily helpful to online communities!).

My 4.0 2000 happily went through its MOT in November save for having a front wheel hub assembly replaced (which I knew in advance). I have found an independent Landrover specialist local to where I work and with a part I supplied (and paid for separately) the whole lot only cost £148 which I'm pretty chuffed about after 8 months ownership and 3000 miles. Local guy is very helpful, occasionally a little vague but I can forgive that!

We have used the Rangie for taking the recent canoe purchase to local rivers (Waveney Valley is particularly good) and I am really enjoying the driving experience. The whole family love it (including 2 dogs).

With regard to the 'diesel question', my Son will turn 17 in May and will be learning to drive. I have struck on the idea that getting him a late P38 Diesel to drive will possibly be a good option as:

  1. I/he should be able to insure it on a classic car policy.
  2. At 6ft 8" he fits in it.
  3. It will be safe and very slow.
  4. It will be a little less thirsty than my Petrol Lady.
  5. If it goes wrong, I have a parts bin to raid ;)

Am I bonkers in my thinking or does this make sense?
Also, apart from the common P38 issues that I'm already sort of aware of with mine, is there anything special to consider? (I assume the GEMS/THOR issue is redundant with diesels?).

Many thanks

Well - just a small update...

Have just returned home after a week and a 1000 mile round trip to Wales (and the environs), I can happily report that the 'old girl' didn't put a foot wrong.
Driving in Wales is a VERY DIFFERENT experience to driving in Norfolk and I have been introduced to a whole range of different creaks and noises - whilst these somewhat played on my paranoia, driving along at motorway speeds was a dream, so I'm assuming all is well for now!

I am planning to have her checked over prior to the MOT coming up in November as I have absolutely no point of reference as how things should sound and feel. I maybe suspect that the front diff is a bit whiney but I'm not sure?

I reckon to have averaged about 18 mpg which I'm mightily impressed with, given a roof rack and box, 4 passengers - all over 6ft, and 2 dogs! The fuel cost more than the holiday cottage accommodation!!

Hairiest part of the trip was a 'magical mystery tour' initiated by SWMBO which included a 6ft 6" narrow hump back bridge - photos to follow!

Hi All,
Started to notice a creaking when I haul my bulk in and out of the car - haven't noticed it during driving but there could be too much other noise!

I think I've narrowed it down to the rear radius arm/trailing arm bush. Not sure if it is a major issue and if it could be resolved with some lube?
If it needs replacing, it would appear (according to RAVE) that I need LRT-64-001 tool to compress a new bush so that it fits into the hole. I cannot find one in the UK and don't really want to spend ££££ anyway.

Has anyone got a trick for this - I can press the bush in or out OK as I have a 30t press which should be up to the job but how to compress the bush to get it started?
I guess poly bushes/Tophats would fit but everyone seems to suggest OEM bushes are best.......

Thanks in advance

Hi - sorry if this seems a dumb question but I just wondered if it is possible to illuminate the dash without putting the head lights (or any lights) on?

I find the dash a little dim without the lights on in daylight and obviously whilst it isn't a big problem, if there is a solution which avoids me forgetting that the lights are on, that would be great.....


Thought I'd say hello. Just bought myself a 2000 4.0lt P38 - 109k on the clock in pretty good nick - all for £1600 which was a good deal imo. Previous owner was a pleasure to deal with and even delivered the car.

Just overhauling everything I can think of before using in anger.
New water pump
oil filter and oil
gearbox oil and filter
rebuilt the compressor
air and pollen filters
new viscous coupling
new radiator and hoses and thermostat (leaving the heater matrix for now as I don't want to scare myself yet!)
Replaced the gear lever housing and cable as the old one was knackered (£27 of Ebay) and relatively straightforward
Keyfob refurb kit so now have 2 working keys.

Just waiting for the metal heater pipe to turn up (old one was seriously corroded) and fill up with OAT coolant and we are good to go.

Looking forward to some fun.

Cheers all