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Whilst I think about it - I have a service kit comprising:
Mann Air filter, Genuine Oil filter, Dayco drive belt tensioner, sump plug washer and 2 pollen filters

Cost me £65 - anyone want the lot for £40 + shipping?

Let me know


Hi everyone - hope everyone on here is OK.

Sorry - been out of the loop for a while - my P38 went earlier in the year after the engine did the inevitable and overheated - in spite of my best efforts!

I am left with a second hand pair of front radius arms (I was going to re-bush them and replace mine).

If anyone is interested - please get in touch. txt on 07798730047 if you prefer.

Best wishes all


Thanks Morat - genuinely gutted to let her go but just have no other options right now.

So, with a very heavy heart, after nearly 2 years of great fun, the time has come that my beloved Rangie has to move on. The MOT ran out in Dec 19 and I haven't used her on the road since and in all honesty, I can't afford to keep her since losing my job after Christmas.

I have yet to advertise her elsewhere and would love it if someone on here would take over her ongoing care.

I have documented on here what I have done during my ownership and I will sell her with 12 months MOT and a new service before moving on. She is not perfect but in my opinion is a rot free, well maintained example.

She does use a bit of coolant (with no obvious leaks). During my tenure, I have replaced the o-rings but not investigated the losses any further. I originally intended to overhaul the engine at some point but I can't now see that happening and I really need to release some funds. The head lining fabric was totally removed by the previous owner and the fibreglass panel is in great shape - it has never bothered me so I left it alone. She is a non sun roof model which I prefer - more head room and no leaks!

I have a set of spare front radius arms that will go with her. I have a full breakdown of my expenditure during the last 2 years and have spent over £1500 over the purchase price to keep her reliable - she has never failed to start and has been 100% reliable.

I'm not looking to necessarily recoup what she has cost me but with a full MOT, about 116k miles and overall tidy condition I'd be open to sensible offers from you chaps before putting her online elsewhere.

Any interest?



Nice to see a good vehicle - roof lining looks amazing! Not sure these guys know diddly but good to see anyway.

Happy New Year one and all

Have been using my P38 as a daily since September when no1 son passed his driving test and nicked the wife's car so she nicked mine. At the time I thought I was out of a job so thought I'd be fine not doing a lot of miles. Turns out I have kept working (for now) and am spending £100 week on petrol!!

I have loved using her as a daily (apart from the fuel costs - no LPG) but have now bought a cheap runabout to use as new daily. This means I can now take P38 off the road - MOT is due in December so need to get some stuff done. I was nervous of starting any pre-MOT work before having a backup - every time I've done work on her it always takes twice as long and something usually breaks ;-)

She is beginning to 'lose' coolant more markedly so think that at some point I'm going to need to invest some ££££ with Turner Engineering - as my long time 'retirement car' I will happily spend £5-7k when time and funds allow but that is some way off!

Welcome HL,
Your situation sounds familiar! I have re-chassis'd 3 S3 LRs and had a 2000 Disco 2 so was expecting RUST. Not so!!
I have done about 4k pa since ownership in 2018. I got a 4lt 2000 with 109k on for relative peanuts.
I still have no headlining but the PO had stripped out the fabric really well so who needs to look up!

Speaking personally, if you are only doing 3-4k pa, is MGP really that much of an issue? I know many on here will sing the praises (justifiably) of a well designed and set-up multipoint LPG system, but to my mind, at these annual mileages, it just adds complexity and additional servicing costs.
Add in that LPG service stations are becoming rarer by all accounts then it isn't necessarily going to help, depending on where you are in relation to a sales point.

Double + for the advice on the EAS - I drove a vehicle before buying (along with 8 others) that was on springs and was massively underwhelmed.
I would also recommend looking for a Thor engine'd (late 99 onwards) vehicle which generally appear to suffer less problems - but that can very much depend on PO maintenance.

I spent the first month, before using in anger, replacing rad, water pump, viscous fan, hoses, coolant, air filter, pollen filters, spark plugs, engine and gearbox oil and filters and overhauling the EAS Compressor - all of which has repaid me handsomely with no problems on the road. I have also replaced both front shocks and had a front wheel hub/bearing replaced, and swapped out a stiff gear lever mechanism and done the infamous heater matrix O rings.

Most jobs were a breeze but the O rings were less fun, I'd have to admit! Good luck and keep us posted!

All in all, in spite of my initial worries (given the reputation), I have really enjoyed the experience and I love driving her. I am approaching a service, after 5k miles and will redo oils and filters and may have a look at the ARB bushes and steering damper.

Daft isn't it how much joy you get when a P38 exceeds expectations ;-)

" I have browned through my owners manual "

!!! - Maybe take a good supply of loo roll with you to avoid using the OM in an emergency! ;0)

Your experience seems to mirror mine. I had slight reservations about buying any P38 because of the 'reputation' that it had earned since 1994. However, having always loved its development from the classic (which I love for it's purity of style but dislike because of its 'agricultural experience') and having owned (and re-chassised) 3 Series 3 LRs, and had a yr 2000 Disco for 3 years, I thought I'd take a closer look.

After looking at 8 vehicles of varying condition, I concluded that:

  1. P38s do not appear to rust anywhere nearly as bad as previous (or contemporary) LR products.
  2. The EAS is no where near as troublesome as some would have you believe.
  3. The majority of issues can be resolved if you are half decent with a spanner.
  4. 5 inches of suspension lift allowed reasonable access underneath..
  5. In the UK at least, parts were not extortionate and pretty well provided for.
  6. A really decent support network exists (Thanks all!)

Like you also, I spent the first month of ownership going over the obvious (rad, hoses, water pump, viscous fan, oil and filters - engine and gearbox, rebuilding the EAS compressor and fitting new front shocks). I also invested £150 having a good local LR specialist giving the old girl a once over to confirm my feelings on the car.
In 5000 miles, other than replacing a front wheel hub (identified by the LR specialist) I have been delighted with the ownership experience.

I am lucky that she is not my only car, but as several folk on here have said, at some point I accept that I may need to spend big money on the engine etc but having only cost what I consider to be peanuts initially, I think I can still end up with a reliable and very useable 10-15 yr car for an investment of under £10k.

Just to show how this site is run with completely the opposite mindset to RR.net, maybe you should create a means to make someone a member for life whether they like it or not! ;-)

Spent today down in the glorious Dedham Vale. Took Wife, 2 kids (late teens) 3 dogs and were joined by parents in their 80s. Add in a canoe on the roof which the kids paddled from Dedham to Flatford Mill while we walked the dogs after a great lunch at the boat house and it is hard to imagine life getting any better.

I should add, prompted by R Gilbert's advice to just trust your P38 and get on with life, the 2 hour trip from home (and then back again) passed without incident. I did spend Tuesday AM checking fluids and taking off the rad to filler reservoir hose and blowing through just for good measure.

I've had plenty of older 'classic cars' (and indeed have a 40 yr old Lotus under repair) but I'm rapidly coming to the view that circa 2000 yr 'classics' are the way to go in terms of everyday usability and availability of parts.

Bolt, thanks but Gordonjcp deserves the credit - i'd never even heard of aarchive.org until he mentioned it!

Don't know how you'd save all the repair and maintenance info without the ball ache of saving each page? Don't think that would work as the links would then be broken. How utterly F***ing stupid to lose all of that info!


From 16 June 2019 - Oh sooooo much better. Progress!

Have you had your front wheels off? Tyres - worn or a bulge somewhere?

Is the noise sided at all? (ie O/S, N/S) - wheel hub?

Drive shaft UJs if not? or Diff?

Not really sure why it would speed up as you slow down....

tanis - your moniker gives away your age (born in '72). Do you live at No 84?

"Much of the weight is on 2 x Calor forklift bottles"

I thought that bottle was just in the foreground of the picture - lol

Respect due, that's a piece of work. Don't you just love doing stuff twice! (don't ask me how I know!)

Good luck

Clive - that kind of re-enforces my original point. If you accept the renewal quote on the basis that it isn't worth it for £50 then fine, however, I did bother and saved £80. When I phoned the AA to tell them I didn't want to renew, they offered to revisit the quote. I'm afraid my answer to that one will always be the same - 'had your chance and fluffed it'

Robbo1 - "I can’t understand why they think they can rob existing policy holders." In your case, the clue is in your name........... :o)

Being one of the 'lucky' over 50's owners, I was pleasantly surprised last year with a quote from the AA for a 6000 mile, zero no claims (second car) of £227.

This year they have jacked it up to £261 (now with 1 yr NCB). Just moved to Admiral for £182. At least the difference will pay for 3/4 of a tank of fuel (lol!)

On 'lower' value insurance premiums it is easy to ignore the £50 hike as not worth the hassle but when you hunt around, that £50 can become £80 and is suddenly more noticeable.

I will never understand how it is cheaper for companies to find new business than to keep existing clients????