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I wonder what the cause of my all 4 lights on the height display flashing for a few minutes and then settling down to all 4 permanently on means?

Nanocom stated height sensors out of range and pump not working.

Reset faults and all fine...

Maybe it's because I've been looking at L322, 4.4 TDV8s adverts...

That all doesn't sound very good!

That is interesting.

I have been doing it all wrong!

Thanks Dave. Will check that out tomorrow. Car lives in an open fronted garage and is never left in the rain unless of course like recently. It has been parked up during heavy showers while out and about.

Saying that, the condensation inside has only been in the last couple of weeks when we have had heavy rain weather and it has had a few outings in heavy rain so that could well be the problem.

Thanks again.

Possibly. Is there a common cause of dampness to the interior? All carpet seem to be dry.

Quite right Dave. Fuse 33 had blown. Diagnostics faults stated a couple of sensors out of range, but it was on uneven ground and it said compressor faulty. Cleared faults, manually switched on compressor with the Nanocom and car is up in the air!

I wonder why the fuse blew . I haven’t used the Nanocom for months and the car has been performing perfectly suspension wise.

Thank you. Will do.

On close inspection of the port. It seems there is a little bit of corrosion on the terminals. I did notice in the last couple of weeks when the car was parked up and returning to it late at night that it was all steamed up on the inside After heavy rain. I wonder if possibly some water has entered. If so is there a common fault where this might occur?

Hi guys. Urgent answer required if possible.

Suspension just dropped completely to the stops and all four lights permanently on the dash by the switch. Plugged in Nanocom which usually automatically switches on and I have nothing. Any ideas as I’m a few miles from home. Thank you.

Cleared fault with engine running. Didn't switch off and on again...Will remember next time.

See what happens next time?

Thanks for the swift input Dave.

All has been reasonably well recently. I have been busy plus being away for a few days as well.

Used the car to move a pile of stuff from my daughters today. 15 mile drive there, all OK. Left car for an hour with tailgate open. Started up and car was low with light flashing trying to raise. Had limited time so straight on the motorway and you guessed, no rise. Damn!. Display then gave all lights flashing for a minute or two before settling on all display lights solid and warning symbol on dash...

Pulled off and connected the Nano. New fault stated, "Rear Right Valve is Permanently Closed". Hmm

Deleted fault, still no pump action. Went to settings and switched pump on manually. Totally forgot to check items in "Bolt's" post above.

Car raised at rear after a few minutes and after another several minutes, raised at front and settled level.

Remainder of journey fine!

Getting very frustrated and a friend is selling his L322, TDV8...

I will check what the actions/settings are next time...Thanks.

Strange that when the car was low, engine running, there was no power to the compressor.

I did renew the seals on the pump when I first obtained the car three-four years ago.

Started car, suspension loan.

Checked power to compressor, no power. That is a good thing I guess.

Connected Nanocom went into. I think settings and manually switched on pump. Pump immediately started, raised the back and then the front.

Experimented by going through high to low setting twice and all working. Switched off and left.

That was last night so will have another check later today and try and find some earths and check the multi pin connector is secure.

I will go through your suggestions, thanks.

Had to use the car this morning. Suspension stayed low with the winking light trying to raise, winking! Suddenly after 2 miles, beeping from the dash, Warning symbol for EAS problem illuminates and all 4 lights start blinking. a minute later all 4 lights illuminate solid!

Switched the Nanocom and it states, "compressor is faulty".

Need to check power to compressor...

But first...Really having problems with the Boxster atm. Corroded pipe ends into plastic housings etc.. I'm into about £500 of pipes and fittings...

I may have retained the old ones. I will have a look a little later when I’m in the garage.

What the car is doing now is what it did before I replaced the two front sensors. So it seems that the fault may lie elsewhere, unless this is just coincidental of course.

I should have asked, where should I check for the earths?

I don’t have any lights that come up on the dashboard but the pump definitely doesn’t work when you start up the engine and it needs to rise to normal level.

I did replace both front sensors for aftermarket ones a few months ago. The rears is original.

Funny that the last several days have been absolutely perfect!

Thanks for that information.

I have never touched any of the earths or connectors. The only thing I did when I bought the vehicle was convert from springs back to EAS.
Luckily everything was in place on the car with all airlines capped off ready to be reconnected. EAS ECU was disconnected under the passenger seat, which of course I reconnected.

I’m in the middle of renewing all the radiator hoses on my Boxster at the moment, which is proving lengthy, (you have to drop the front subframe and renew various aluminium pipes as well as hoses with push fit, O ring connectors!).

I will get back onto the P38 in the next few days.


Well that didn’t last long. Yesterday evening went back to my car in Dorking and I could see it was sitting lower. It stayed at that height for the 4 mile journey home and that is where it remains.

Put the Nanocom on it, and it read the following

Unknown fault..
All four corner sensors Out of range.

That’s as far as I have gone.

Very strange, and doesn’t really help me with my very limited experience of the system.

Over to you experts, any ideas?

Had to park it this morning on ground that was sloping two ways. This would have really upset it before and had me reaching for the Nanocom. No issues at all.

Hopefully will put this one to bed until it rears its head again…

Back to the problem in hand.

Used to car several times today, every time I started the app it was at the right height and the light instantly went onto normal.

All very strange. The only thing I did a few days back was use my sons code reader, instead of the Nanocom. Ever since I ran things through that it hasn’t missed a beat.

All very strange, considering it has been seriously messing around for the last several months on a regular basis.

I can’t remember the make that he uses, but we’ll find out tomorrow and post up.