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Jan 16 2017
22 July 2018 - 18:22

Just incase anyone here has missed this post hidden in the announcements on the lpgforum


LPG Forum is closing - August 2018
I am sorry to say that this forum is going to be closing down at the end of Augist 2018. I no longer have the time to maintain it and it is desperate need of a refresh, updating, and have steps taken to ensure it complies with new data regulations.

This forum has served the LPG community for a very long time and there is so much information on here so it would be a shame to see it lost. I am going to look at ways that I can create an acrhive of all the posts and keep them on-line for reference purposes.

The other LPG forum is still operating though I have no idea how active it is. The web address is http://www.lpginfo.co.uk/forum. This was setup a number of years ago by a customer who had, had a bad conversion experience who felt that lpgforum.co.uk was being biased, hence the title of the website.

Thank you to our moderators for their stirling work over the years, and of course to the members from the trade sharing their invaludable experience.

12 December 2018 - 22:48

Slightly off topic for here, but got to be worth a shot!

Been looking at an overheating/over-pressuring TD5 engine on a 1999 Disco - It seems to be putting oil into the coolant, but not the other way round. Was initially suspected to be the head gasket, but it appears the td5 has an oil cooler mounted on the side of the block that has 2 o rings that over time stop sealing effectively, this allows the oil to seep out into the coolant.

Trouble is, I can't seem to find a part number or size for these o rings - Microcat doesn't show them as a seperate part, I've arrowed the ones in question in the attached screenshot.

Anyone know of either a specification for them, or a part number? The one labelled 8 is ERR7098, but this only shows a qty of 1, suggesting its not that?

enter image description here

20 August 2017 - 20:37


Can anyone recommend a brand of coil packs that are reasonable (or confirm if Delphi ones are any good) please?

Just used a Britpart one to try and fix an annoying misfire on My Disco II (Thor) and its worse than the original one was. (the second one that is, the first one has a misshapen post so a lead doesn't even want to go onto it!).

And no, before anyone asks, I didn't know they were going to send Britpart ones when they were ordered.