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I think from what was said, that the detachable towball was going for around £50. Not sure if the same ball fits multiple models (I've never had a detachable towball, only fixed ones) but this is on a Range Rover Sport 2013.

It seems the detachable towballs also have a bit of a black market going on, Someone I know has now lost 2 as whilst they lock in place, the key is the same for all of them. He had been leaving it installed on the car whilst shopping and come back to find its been pinched twice now. Replacements sourced from facebook marketplace (probabbly sourced from supermarket car parks at a guess). After having 2 the 3rd one is now welded to a piece of chain which is bolted to the towbar, defeating the point of having the detachable towhitch in the first place. I'd have though the easy solution was to remove the hitch when not in use, but that seemed too simple a solution for him!

Neat looking took there Clive, looks like it could be useful for many jobs actually.

Agree on the rattle gun comment - Access would be the issue, we have a couple of different ones, the Ryobi battery one is a bit bulkier than the air line one, but I don't doubt either would be capable of knocking the bolt loose, Doubt you'd do so with any manual tool as you'd just turn the pulley rather than loosen the bolt I'd expect.

Hopefully this will work here

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

Full album here > https://1drv.ms/u/s!AigNPuwBlwA-i881RoEkgl8tY4b3Jw?e=g42Vfy Includes measurements.

The pulley is threaded with 2 m8 threads, so you can bolt the tool to it.

Welding is a bit rough on this as it was done with a welder that wasn't working as well as it should have been, but you should get the general idea of what you need. The larger hole needs to be big enough to clear the washer on the pulley, the smaller one you need to make to suit your socket for the pulley. 47 and 34mm respectively should be fine from the measurements taken today. Overall diameter of the bit to fit inside pulley can be 94mm, the distance between the inside edges of the 2 bolt holes comes in a 67.77 mm (you have a bit of play here as it only had to allow you to get a bolt into the holes in the pulley)

As said, he made this with access to a pulley as access on the car was just too difficult to do much else (brought another pulley off eBay).

I've not been that far into the engine as your looking at, but we did have the front pulley off mine (I think in the process of fixing an oil leak if I remember correctly). When it was done my mate made up a tool to hold that pulley so we could undo the bolt. You might get it to come off with an impact wrench if it doesn't matter that the engine turns a bit otherwise, I've done that on a few pulleys though usually when they are on the aux belt where timing isn't an issue.

I will take a photo of what he made, that worked ok, though we did have another spare pulley to make the tool up with which helped!

You really need to try getting a decent photo of all 4 wheels to stand much chance of getting a sale, all of yours are good for detail but don't show enough to grab much interest.

If you can get a pic of all 4 next to each other, it makes it much clearer for anyone browsing that its a set.

I believe you will find AdBlue is injected into the exhaust post combustion, so can't see how it would improve MPG directly. Indirectly by removing the need to regenerate a DPF it might make some difference though overall.

If its the Klarius ones, I've not been too impressed with their bits generally. Your lucky if they even fit properly half the time without major messing around.

Gilbertd wrote:

BrianH wrote:

it cost me £52 to do 267 miles in a 1.9 diesel in the last couple of weeks

With the only place that has had reasonably regular supplies in my area at 79.9ppl, that's about the same as my 4.0 litre V8!

Its not far off mine either (I suspect the p38 performs slightly better than the Disco 2 fuel ecnoomy wise!), was only using it as my usual vehicle was out of action due to a failed clutch.

When I've ended up in your area, I've always tried to use the Asda at York, the other handful of places round there were generally a lot more expensive. Even Birmingham which usually has cheap lpg is more expensive now, though maybe that will improve with time, can only hope!

That said, it cost me £52 to do 267 miles in a 1.9 diesel in the last couple of weeks (not a Range rover obviously) so its not like theres much choice in it.

Have a feeling that it may be as simple as the sensor in there, uses a different thread between the two covers. I seem to remember looking into this for some reason. You might get away with the matching sensor for the cover.

It seems to have got a lot better over the last week. Some cheap places still out there - Sainsburys Watford currently 62.9 for example. All of the local ones that I've driven past have stock today, not that there is so many of them now. But prices varying widely from 62.9 to 99.9 currently here

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Brian, thanks for the link. I must admit I gave up on the lpg forum as it was impossible to register again.

If you are still having problems either getting into your account, or registering an account please say so - May be able to assist. I've dropped you a pm on there now, so that might give you an idea of your email address used to register.

Having seen the 35 mile range on petrol issue, its no wonder those taxi drivers aren't happy having paid for an expensive conversion via the Autogas brand, for them to only go and shut down barely 18 months later. At least most conversions keep the petrol tank as it was, and now its clear why!

Long thread about it here on the LPG forum


It finally seems to be getting signs of going back to normal - The local Shell hadn't had any since early february and has just been refilled today for the first time.

I gather some of the issue is the amount of time they are waiting to offload at whatever port it comes in on.

Filllpg is better with the app than the website, the site is not working well and thats unlikely to be something that improves from what the other Richard has said (no time to sort it)

Could be worse - Diesel is even more expensive, filling the tank on my backup vehicle with Pay@pump needs two hits on the card as it only lets you have £99 at a go. £126 to fill a tank that had slightly less than 1/4 left

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Here's my new wagon...



Unfortuantely those are set to private, so you can view them with that link, but noone else can!

Just discovered the same having been over to my mothers, the stations on the main route seem fine, but others (the ones that are usually cheaper) seem to be out completely of both petrol and diesel.

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Has anyone one looked at putting an LPG tank in at home? You see a few above ground tanks in rural locations round here.
Calor are one of the biggest players. If you are spending a couple of grand a year it might be worth it.
If you don't have mains gas and have oil central heating as well, it would be well worth switching over.

Birmingham Autogas will deliver a skidded unit (drop in place, hookup to electricity and its ready to go once filled up) for around £6k when I enquired about it. You'd need a suitable hardstanding for it to sit on and a suitable electricty supply to run the pump off. They would also be able to fill it, though that might depend where you are located as to it being a viable option or not.

As Richard says above, Flogas seem to have real issues for some reason (apparantly the amount of time they are having drivers sat waiting to fill up?) so seem unable/unwilling to actually supply to many places. That said, the local Shell which hasn't had any LPG since the beginning of February, also seems to be having problems getting diesel some of the time as well as frequently when I've driven past that way the price for both on the sign is blank.

Trouble is I can see a lot of the places that currently offer it telling them to remove the tanks as no doubt the one bit of Flogas that is still running at normal pace is the tank rental fees, with them using dropping sales volume as justification to do so (as they will obviously struggle to sell any given they haven't got any to sell).

Don't know what Flogas would have done if the weather was colder this winter, its hardly like its been cold enough for them to claim high demand for supplies.

power on Nanocom
press R-Rover p38
Choose engine type (EDC)
This should show 4 options (Going off motronic here as I don't have the edc module)
Press the righthand arrow twice (next to the red circle with white x on it at the bottom) to scroll across - Edit having checked the emulator Jack posted below, the EDC menu is slightly different to Motronic at this point.
Select BECM
Right arrow twice - I think wiper speed may be the setting you want here?
Press X
Select alarm
The top setting "immobilizer" is the one for passive immobilisation
Then x again
press write settings

Should then be done, you may find you need to x back out to the main menu to be able to start the car and test.

If you can't see/access those options, check you have both unlock codes for the p38 entered - in your case unlock08 (p38 systems) and unlock07 (EDC). If either are missing, login to https://www.nanocom-diagnostics.com/restricted and expand the codes bit on the righthand side of the page, and check if you have the codes there. If you do, enter the missing one into the Nanocom, if not and you've brought the edc and p38 modules, then you need to ask Blackbox to assist you. You also need the green lead, but that should be all ok if you brought the kit to work with the diesel p38.

On the Nicad power question I gather there is a backup battery on the sounder, so it keeps going if it has the main vehicle battery disconnected and its been set off. Impression I got is only some cars have it. I guess Richard didn't see that question in answering the rest of the above or possibly you post edit crossed with his reply, I think he has dealt with one first hand that failed. Not sure what impact the battery failure might have, but given the age and type of part it is i'd think failure fairly likely.

Might be more info in Rave about it if you want it from the manufacturers side as to what should happen?

Gilbertd wrote:

Nitrile rubber is OK with Ethanol up to 95% and as fuel lines on modern, by which I mean anything later than about 1980, use Nitrile rubber hose rather than pure rubber, they should be fine.

You say modern, but theres a surprising amount of vehicles on the e10 compatible list that aren't compatible that you'd expect to be. Most of which seem to be direct injection engines, but some of them are upto 2007.

As far as I can tell Morrisons offered E85 and B30 (Diesel) upto 2010, at which point the Government removed the 20p/litre duty difference, so they stopped offering it. Doesn't look like anyone else in the UK offers it except for some firms as racing fuel at around £2/litre (and that price might be somewhat out of date with more recent events).