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Jan 16 2017
28 December 2019 - 17:48

Gilbertd wrote:

Edited to say that I've just seen your identical post on the other side and you are in the UK (I'm Richard_G over there). That's a good start, what sort of are in case someone has experience locally (and won't tell you to rip it out and fit bits of bent wire instead).

I think the mangled bit in the middle of this was supposed to ask whereabouts in the UK are you? As someone else on here may be close to you.

09 February 2019 - 23:15

Gilbertd wrote:

My SE has become a breaker and once I've swapped a few more bits off it, it will be going. The Ascot is all sorted and fully usable as long as I keep an eye on the coolant level, at least 3 core plugs are leaking including the two at the front hidden by the engine mounts so I need to support the engine on a crane to change them, not simple. Once that is done it will be going up for sale. The ex-plod will be kept forever but after the other two have gone, I'd consider another.......

Was it just the windscreen that made to decide to break the SE or other stuff as well?

09 February 2019 - 20:07

Given how much is covered, its very hard to say. Personally I think I'd be trying to clean it up and see where it starts from before trying to fix it at this point. You might also find its easier to locate if you remove the fan when you have cleaned it if your able to (As the fan will blow the leaked fluid all over the place making it harder to trace - obviously don't run it for too long or drive it like that). If it is steering fluid (the dropped level in the reservoir would suggest it will be) then moving the steering about with the engine running should give you an idea where its coming from - ideally get someone else to move the steering while you look at whats going on.

Is it possible its actually the transmission oil cooler leaking and getting blown onto the bits behind? I'd expect you'd see oily gunge over the radiator fins if so?

14 February 2019 - 10:12

So it would still seem the best option would be use a different isp if you dont like what they are doing? There are many others to choose from who offer alternatives.

Your reply above reinforces what's been said previously, it doesn't tie your name to any of the data given. Therefore not personal data. The location of a hotspot is not the same thing by any means.

10 April 2020 - 16:30

The rubber think looks like something I've seen before, Something says to me the scuttle area (where the wiper mechanism sits) is where i've seen it, although thats on a Disco 2, rather than p38. That said, alot of the same bits exist on both though. Wonder if it could have been dropped in when the pollen filter was out at some point?

16 February 2019 - 17:01

That can be a sign of a coil pack starting to fail or another ignition issue rather than LPG directly. Easiest bet since its a Thor is look for misfire codes and see what cylinders are coming up with anything (might take some more running like that to get it to flag a misfire).
Single cylinder is likely a plug or lead, pairs more likely coil pack or the wiring leading to them. But at least if you know which cylinders your looking at thats a start before you spend any money on it.

16 February 2019 - 17:07

The cylinders aren't paired that way - thats a bank, only thing common to a bank that comes to mind is the lambda sensor. Its possible either the sensor has died, or some sort of wiring issue is present, First thing I'd suggest there is to keep it on petrol, clear the faults, see what the lamdba sensor readout is showing on petrol (should be an alternating wave your seeing) and go from there. If it looks ok on petrol at that, try the same thing on gas and see what you get then, if the lambda sensor output looks wrong under gas only its probabbly some sort of gas problem (which would possibly only effect one bank as they generally are treated independently.)

16 February 2019 - 21:49

First thing to do is find what the reading was, disconnect the sensor and see if it changes, inspect the wiring and if your happy it looks ok you can then either replace the sensor, or swap from the other bank.

If its showing a voltage when disconnected I'd suspect you have some sort of wiring issue which might have killed the sensor - I've had that happen on an older lpg ecu where it was putting out voltage on the lambda sensor wire (if Simon installed your system thats probably not been connected as it doesn't do anything really useful and can cause problems if it goes wrong as well).

16 February 2019 - 21:18

I'd check the lambda output - given the heat, its possible its melted the wiring somewhere underneath and may be that the signal wire is shorted out somewhere (seeing the output should give an idea if the lambda has gone bad, you can always swap the sensors over if you wanted to confirm before spending money on a new one, provided the old one will come out of course from the other side).

Its also possible its a blocked cat is the other thought that now comes to mind, as that would only effect one bank. But if its OK on petrol then you should have ruled that out and it seems you have.

TPS shouldn't affect only one bank either.

You can trace the ht leads and should find they go two from each coil pack to each bank, the other two going from the one further away. It might be an idea to check thats what is actually the case just incase it was put back wrong when it was apart. Though I'd expect it to run badly at best like that so wouldn't expect it to be wrong. There are some diagrams about of the connections if you can't find one then say!

16 February 2019 - 21:42

I would guess the sms app would be Whatsapp most likely, either that, or he may have been using an app like the three intouch or the other ones that existed before wifi calling became more standard. doesn't really matter what he was using at any rate.

All I can see on the map BT provide is a vague heat map - which only shows lots/quite a few/not so many. Not a specific location even, its a vague area of the street or even just the whole street in the case of a small road). Is there some map your using other than the one at http://www.btwifi.com/find/ ? I don't have BT anymore as I felt it was far too expensive for the service provided (I don't want BT sport channels, nor do i want to pay for them, let alone line rental for a phone that I didn't really use, I now have my mobile and broadband bill coming to less than the BT broadband bill with the line rental alone was, yes I lost access to the FON service, but frankly it wasn't something I felt worked well enough to warrant paying for at the time anyway).

I still don't understand why if you don't like the way they operate that you continue to fund their services - you can continue to inform people if thats what you desire to do, but hitting them in the pocket (and encourging other people offended by the info your giving to do the same) is more likely to influence them than ranting at them in the current fashion but continuing to pay them.

23 August 2020 - 19:01

The reset should reset them to the factory defaults, which it should then learn from over a short period of driving. You don't need to enter them. Its worth a shot if you have access to do it, but should fix itself at the same time.

Did you remove and check the plug on cylinder 8 to see what sort of state its in? Sooty or otherwise may tell us whats going on since it seems to mainly mention that cylinder. May also be worth checking the one its paired with (5) just in case something there is causing issues on the other side of the same coil (reduced gap or similar?).

17 February 2019 - 19:43

no10chris wrote:

<<< admits this is all over my head, haven’t looked into how people can be affected by it, I just do as I mentioned, I don’t think we will ever be free from our lives having intrusions that we don’t want.
Jeez, even my cars been intruded on by some one with a wireless item, battery dead after 2 days non use. ( new battery )
Asked all the neighbours if any new toys for Christmas..they all say no 🙁

Think Richard had a problem with a wireless thermostat when he moved, so might not be the kind of toy they would even think about?

31 December 2019 - 23:15

Not specifically for EAS, but Rimmer Bros tend to be quite good for stuff thats sometimes a bit more difficult to find as well.

20 February 2019 - 19:34

It is a tenner cheaper than ECP are doing, and their ones don't come with the plug either.

Best bet (generally with any eBay parts) is to send a message either with the order or before you order it giving the vehicle details. Given its specified as Bosch you should be ok, I'd only go with them or NTK having experienced cheap ones previously.

03 March 2019 - 00:47

The fuel type on the logbook is a very unreliable indicator, I know of a p38 that belongs to my mates boss that says its a 4.6 diesel. Its actually a 4.6 petrol/gas, but certainly not Diesel.

Even the factory fit i had only showed petrol, I've only had 1 out of 4 vehicles on gas that have actually shown Gas on the logbook.

Theres no real harm in actually getting the petrol injectors to work when its started from cold - It does tend to stop them playing up from lack of use at least. You should be able to get away with a fairly low switchover temp - 30c is usually enough for it to be off cold start, and provided you have a decent flow through the vapouriser at that point it won't freeze up.

Range is really limited by the amount of space your willing to give up - At least you have the wheel well on a p38 to use, but additional tanks can be fitted if you desire/require them, though you'd be looking at either underslung tanks, or replacing the petrol tank with a smaller one and using the space you free up to add tanks (not a cheap option!).

BP wise - some of the stations they supplied (the BP connect ones mainly) ceased to have a supply when BP stopped supplying LPG about 2-3 years ago due to low sales (because they overpriced it like everything else they do). The local one at Linford wood here when it changed ownership got the lpg back again on the same pump, now supplied by Flogas (with 15p a litre price drop at the same time). The other BP station that did it took the pump out, but they seem mostly to be geared towards people buying overpriced M&S branded food and expensively priced coffee to go.

www.Filllpg.co.uk will show pretty much all the stations in the country - elsewhere is slightly more patchy as its updated by users, but you can add stations to improve that if you know of or find any that are missing.

10 March 2019 - 16:30

Richard (Gillbertd) has posted about repairing them in the past, I think he was sending back to Alpine but did mention parts becoming an issue.

02 January 2020 - 22:17

You can add a license to it though, if it was needed. Just a shame the payment methods Blackbox use are stuck somewhere in the last century compared to the rest of the internet and hence add additional costs now.

03 January 2020 - 17:17

Harv wrote:

Brian, I think BBS has sorted out their payment options now. I attempted to buy a Nano a little over two years ago when I first got my P38, but abandoned the idea due to this issue. This past November I tried again and got a Nano Evo. They take PayPal and MasterCard like everyone else.

That would be most welcome, the last order I did with them required a bank transfer to an international account, which got me charged something like £9.50 ontop by the bank. Previous order to that was a transfer to a UK account, which at least didn't cost extra.

04 January 2020 - 16:58

Dielectric grease is sometimes recommended, though I've never bothered. Couple of times I've found white deposits in the plug leads. Some leads I've fitted have come with a tiny sachet of grease. I think the idea is you apply it to provide a barrier though its never been very clear which bit you should be applying it to. If you got 5 years out of them, I'd think you were doing ok personally.

01 August 2020 - 16:41

This thread > https://rangerovers.pub/topic/1751-widescreen-navigation-install shows MartyUK's latest install