The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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Stupidvprices for what they are

i know bud but the price seems stupid for something that bloody small lol

i found the probelm, it turns out the bulbs are infact blown, i took orange bulb out fog light switch and tried it in all the others that wasnt working and they worked after i took dash apart so see if any problems behind there and there was none so i need 2 green and 1 orange of what ever bulbs the switches use

im hunching my bet its behind dash/stereo area, i would think all the buttons will get same power supply upto a point then it will branch off to each switch or thats my thinking

i was told to look at becm but when i checked online the only couple plugs i seen mentioning illumination and switches also powered interior light, gear lever light, cig lighter lights etc and there all working fine so i think it can kindoff discount them and narrow down to more local to switches/stereo i think

i was just thinking someone has fitted aftermarket kenwood stereo in car i wonder if they damaged cable to switches or tapped into it for +12v supply, i just wouldnt be hard to rule it out

Thanks bud I'll maybe get dash front out for a look

Continuity on multimeter

18996 2.5 diesel auto bud, also the green suspension inhibitor doesn't light either bud orange on light does

Yeah I thought same bud but neighter switch lights up but I check bulbs and they are good also the contacts they sit against look ok

What would cause neither part of cruise control switch to light, I mean the green symbol doesn't light nor does the orange on indicator, I have changed switch, cruise control works fine and I have tested bulbs and there OK but it just doesn't light

That was exactly it sloth beep beep beep then a pause then beep beep beep and error so quick hardly noticed it appearing on screen

It still showed a bit low so I put more in and noticed 3 things, moving the gear selected is much smoother, it pulls off from stop much better and I have a ronbox fitted and before on setting 5 boost 3psi and off boost enrichment on I was getting warbling on idle when revving and its stopped now stick bit slow revs coming down but no warbling

Need to sort sounder so I know when it's doing/if it's doing it sounder used to work fine then resently it is hit and miss

I dunno I put few capfulls in earlier but this time I cut a water bottle as a funnel maybe 50-70/80 ml in no much I cut the bottle at 45degree angle at label to spout and filled that let it drain then maybe another couple time so maybe dozen to 15 capfulls

I've left car an hour then checked fluids there all fine except auto gearbox, I started engine run through gears nothing on dipstick so run through again and just below minimum erliwr after I got home it showed just over full and gearbox always seems to run fine so I put some fluid in I'm wondering if level was low and sustained up hill with foot down it got slightly hot, just not sure why erliwr it said slightly over full or why it's been fine running if low or if I've put to much in what damage could I do???

Hi a couple of weeks ago coming home I got a random 3 beeps but nothing showing wrong today going up hill sustained foot down again I got 3 beeps then nothing then 10 seconds later 3 beeps and something flashed on dash but was so fast couldn't read it and as gain nothing else wrong, I checked all the fluids when I got home except oil, letting engine cool but font see anything wrong, also the sounder behind dash doesn't always work so I'm not sure if this happens often or if I should be worried, apart from sunroof not working and few bulbs out it starts, drives, brakes gine with no overheating or other problems, TIA

Thanks bud much appreciated

is it green bulbs needed for hvac panel or is the part they shine through green and just need a white bulb behind

i actually went out in dark and the hvac display screen lights and works and the orange indicators for buttons on but nothing else is lit in that panel