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I need to start cutting back on some of my intended projects and also make a bit more space in the garage.
I have a complete used M51 diesel engine for sale. It is the later type with the plastic manifolds. Mileage I think is around 140k.
I also have a brand new M51 block and pistons and some timing chain bits. Both come on brand new h/d engine stands.
Also a bare diesel head that has been skimmed and pressure tested and a top tailgate in silver.

I have the full Faultmate diagnostics for the p38 including being able to unlock and clone BECM's.
I have had the kit for 10 years+ and used it quite a bit for one thing and another, though to be honest I have not really made full use of the BECM module.

I unlocked and cloned I think 3 BECM's as spares for my car when I first got it, however, I was put off a bit because getting access to the CPU on the logic board involves soldering fine wires onto microscopic components on the pcb. Soldering is a nightmare for me, as electronics is not my thing, not helped by failing eyesight. Though having said that I have recently bought a magnifying headset and better soldering equipment which helps me a lot.

I built a test jig out of acrylic sheet a while back (the mk1 version) but it was not really a viable method and didn't work properly. Because the weather has been so crap over the last few weeks (months?) I have used the time to build a mk2 version using new spring loaded test pins. I also used a new laser cutter that I recently bought to cut out the jig. After more than a dozen revisions I might add, it now works. It is still work in progress and needs a few improvements but soldering is no longer required. I have unlocked and played around with a further 3 this week.

I can now start to offer a service to forum members who are interested. It will be strictly one at a time and there will be restrictions on the type of BECM I can initially unlock. There are two versions of the logic board. I am set up to do version 2. Later BECM's that start YWC ......... should be ok.

pm me if interested.



(888) 930-8743

P.O Box 7458
Burbank California
91510 United States

worth a shot ..........

There is still a dedicated Faultmate forum run and maintained by Blackbox. A wealth of experience but not so much activity on there these days.
I can remember comments by other owners about the Hevac. There have been one or two occasions when I had to have more than one go.
Not sure about the Nanocom as I don't have one. I assume the coding will be similar. Is there a Nanocom forum ?

It needs a Faultmate with the correct module (SM035) to unlock a Becm.
It is then quite happy to run unlocked but it is the Hevac unit that is sometimes difficult to access. Sometimes it may require a couple of ignition recycles to connect. Not usually a major problem. Mine is unlocked and I can access it no problem.
You can't actualy brick a Becm. You could, I suppose, enter all wrong settings so it (temporarily) won't work but with a Faultmate you can soon change them back. It is not like a firmware update on electronic equipment that can permenantly brick a device.

Happy new year Pierre.

Hi, welcome to the site. I have got a relatively clear head at the minute. Family members always buy me whisky.
Glow plugs are cheap and easy to replace Glow Plugs
but a new relay is quite expensive Glow plug relay
You can take the existing glow plugs out and connect to a battery to test them individually, but as they are so cheap, I would just change them all.
Engine cutting out could be one of several issues. Do the easy tests first. Unplug the MAF and run it without it connected. It will revert to default settings. Assuming yours is a later model with a plastic inlet manifold.
Next check the intank pump. Method is in Rave. Run some diesel into a jug. 180mls in (I think) in 12 seconds, but check.
Have a good look at the diesel. Check it is clean and no water.
Is it chipped or have an add on powerbox?

The newer black Wabco ecu's do fail, more so than the older silver ones, I think.

Have just replied on the dark side then saw this. +1 on the cap.

You can get heated screen washers, with a heater in the screen washer tank. They are an option on Scandinavian cars. I am not sure whether my Volvo has one fitted, I need to check. Maybe it was just Saab. The rally boys also fit them retrospectively to clear mud, snow etc.. Apparently very effective when doing stages through the forest. I have seen them for sale years back when I was into Ford Escorts. Your next project Richard.

Hello from me.

The socialist republic of Wales is talking about introducing ULEZ on motorways in their area, which would be mainly the M4.
Meanwhile most of their urban areas are 20mph limit. You get overtaken by bicycles.

Use a cycle cone spanner.

I think the provenance of the car would make a big difference to the price. Particularly if you could get photos of the two of them alongside the car.
Jay Leno also immediately came to mind. He definitely doesn't have one in his collection as there is only one in existence. Small change for him.

I did mine a few years back when the screen was switching off in cold weather. I bought the cable direct from Marty at the time.
I just followed the instructions and didn't encounter any problems that I recall. Worked first time.

My only criticisms of Double S exhausts is the pipes (on mine at least). They are 409 yet the boxes are 304, plus of course the fittings which are just mild steel. 409 goes rusty just like MS pipes. It does't look good but they give a guarantee against penetration.
When I first got them I checked with a magnet and they were magnetic. I rang up Double S and was put through to one of their engineers. He basically explained about 409 but also said if you order direct from the factory, they could make them in anything you want, all 304 or all 316.

Secondhand stainless steel exhaust on Ebay, 10 years+ ago.
It was or is a Double SS exhaust. Clips are mild steel though.
Bit noisy at the start but sooted up now and quieter.

Since my post I have been back on the Blackbox website. The Software for the Faultmate is Vehicle Explorer v1.33. The blurb says it runs under W10 with the caveat that it has not been fully tested. I assume W10/W11 are the same more or less.
I have also ordered a usb to serial adapter that uses a PL2303 Chipset (FTDI chipset? made in Scotland ?). Keep watching this space.

update: I ordered a usb to RS232 cable on Amazon which was a PL2303 chipset. I ordered it before Richards comment and before I knew much about it.
It would not connect to the Faultmate despite trying all sorts of settings. The comm port and baud rate can be configured though in device manager. The PL2303 drivers were on a mini CD disc. I also downloaded Backbox systems PL2303 drivers from their website. Other people obviously have problems.

I ordered another on Amazon with an FTDI chipset. It would not connect or recognise the Faultmate at first. I thought here we go again.
I checked device manager. It recognised the device and I updated the drivers. It automatically went on the Windows upgrade website and downloaded W11 FTDI drivers.
No reboot and Faultmate recognised the comm port right away. No configuring required. Works well and a lot faster than XP.

My Easunlock was v3 running on XP and Storey sent me a link to reactivate it for a W11 laptop. It the course of doing that, it automatically upgraded to v4 all at no cost so I am happy with that.
Microsoft actually ended support for XP over 10 years ago. My Faultmate is however still on XP. It needs 9 pin serial port, so not sure what the solution is to that. A usb to serial adapter ? and run the Faultmate software with W11 in compatibility mode ?
What I really want at the moment is the Allcomms software so I can test mine out.

I have been having a sort out of my diagnostic kits. I usually use a Fautmate on the car as I am familiar with it and can find my way around it, but I have also have an RSW EASunlock and an Allcomms, plus the free version for EAS.
I bought the EASunlock directly from Storey Wilson years ago. It was originally on a Toughbook running XP and I had to get it activated just now by RSW again to run on a new windows 11 laptop. No problem, no cost, and it updated to v4 automatically. I think his software is locked to one computer.

Allcomms is a different matter. I bought it on Ebay over 10 years ago and I don't have the activation code. There isn't even a public link to download the software. Not surprising as there are a load of Chinese clones. Storey must be well pissed off after all his hard work.
I believe my Allcomms is genuine. The case and the lead are identical to my known geniune EASunlock.
I think a separate licence can be purchased but it dosn't say so on the RSW website. A new Allcomms is $227.
Before I contact him again, anyone have an Allcomms? it is mainly for the L322 I think.