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You can't do it the other way around either i.e. you can fit a single in place of a twin but you can't fit a twin to a car that originally was a single,
or so I am led to believe. Apparently a brake pipe gets in the way? Not sure how exactly.
Also diesel tailpipes point down at the ground.

This is the company I meant SS Exhausts They make good stuff but too expensive to buy new.

A stainless exhaust is something I would buy secondhand.

Got to be careful with stainless fabrications. Often parts are made thinner because they don't corrode. Some I have seen are are flimsy.
Also my boxes are 304 but the pipes are 409, which has surface rusting. Welding is first class however; done on a machine I think.

Stainless exhausts do occasionally come up on Ebay. Just leave a search running.
That is how I got a replacement exhaust for my diesel. I managed to get a "Double SS" exhaust which is a decent make. It has been on for years now. I got the back boxes first then later found a centre box. The only non stainless bit is the downpipe with the particulate filter.

I would think the benefit comes from altering the ignition timing at the same time to take advantage of the better pre detonation characteristics using water injection. It would increase the mass inside the cylinder and lower temperatures. Maybe that's the principle.

As you say Harv, modern engines tune themselves optimally now.

What about AdBlue? it is a urea/ water mix injected into diesel engines to reduce emissions. Does that improve mpg beacuse of the water present?

I must be going back 20 years+ but there was a system on the market that added LPG to a diesel engine. One was fitted to a Discovery I recall.
It ran both fuels at once, presumably by enriching the air intake with a small amount of LPG. Never heard of it since. Apparently the mpg was very good.
Water injection was another method of increasing mpg. Never hear of that now.

I would have said your Linley was worth WAY more than that. Must be diifficult to value as non come up for sale.

Hi Kev / Aragorn,
yep, must get pretty thirsty in Mordor or is it Gondor.

I don't use Solidworks. I don't like paying for software. I used Openscad for the cup holder.
It is based on writing lines of code that build up mathematical shapes. I can find my way around it and I can cut and paste sections of code from other designs. It is also what is known as parametric. Each dimension is a variable or parameter and it is easy to change the value and scale up or down.
Let me know if you want it. Have you got a 3d printer?
I designed it to take a couple of small cans, I think 48mm diam. which is ok. As Marshall8hp pointed out it is still a bit of weight hanging off the dash. A fat water bottle might be too much. For open top cups it is also not so good as they are at an angle.

I have done this one that clips on the dash:

p38 drinks holder

I have another one with slots in it. It takes a disposable coffee cup holder and the slots are for the handles (not yet on Thingiverse).
Still not entirely happy with the design. It works but the cups are at a slight angle. Should be horizontal imho.
Constructive comments welcome.

I built a bench test rig for valve blocks several years ago so I was able to run the whole system on the bench. I did several valve blocks along with rebuilt compressors at the time. There has been no need to run it since as I have enough spare blocks.
I can remember some of the compressors being particularly noisy and by a combination of fitting "penny" washers and turning the bushes upside down I eventually got it quiet. I can remember hammering the washers into a dish shape. It was easier to experiment with it on the bench.

I have just had a look on the Island4x4 website. Later diesel fuse boxes are £151 and £175 for genuine. Earlier fuse boxes are £600 ! all plus VAT of course. The petrol fuse box is listed as £1000 !! What the difference is I don't know.

There are different things plugged in under the bonnet such as the FIP stop solenoid and the relay for the glow plugs which is actually external to the fuse box.

I believe the early fuse boxes were made by Lucas, probably exclusively for the p38, while the later ones were made by Bosch. Maybe these were shared with a BMW car of the same era.

If you enter your car details into Microcat it will tell you the exact part number for the fuse box. It is good to have a spare as they do go.
If he has the correct one I wouldn't pay more than half the new price. Also no VAT.

I gently put a drill bit through the holes with a cordless drill to make sure everything lined up, from memory it was 3mm I think.
I also changed the clips for stainless steel nautical ones and I chamfered the point.

Has anyone one looked at putting an LPG tank in at home? You see a few above ground tanks in rural locations round here.
Calor are one of the biggest players. If you are spending a couple of grand a year it might be worth it.
If you don't have mains gas and have oil central heating as well, it would be well worth switching over.

Inside of the engine looks very clean.

Many moons ago I used to have a Discovery 1. It was a company car that I had from new. It was ok but I much prefer a p38.
Leaving the engine out of it, the seating position is better in the p38, sitting in a leather armchair going cross country.
I also like the tailgate and spare wheel well on a p38. The heavy rear door on a Disco with the wheel on it was a pain. Also the rust set in around the wheel aches after only 3 years. It was back at the dealers a couple of times for a respray. The p38 is a tank by comparison.
My p38 is 22 years old now and even if it is getting a bit tatty in places, underneath is pretty good.
I wouldn't have another Classic and I wouldn't have another Disco. I also don't like the newer monocoques designs, so that narrows it down a bit.

I think we are all on the same page here. Water companies French or Spanish owned, you can't choose and shop round for water. It is a monopoly. Felixstowe is the largest container port in the UK, handling about 50% of traffic, is owned by Hutchison Whampoa, a Chinese company.
Lack of a long term energy policy and allowing energy companies to be foreign owned. Lack of nuclear investment by successive governments.
I agree about ship building. I am from Birkenhead and my father worked at Cammel Lairds as did most of my friends in the 60's and 70's who did apprenticeships. Lack of apprenticeships now is another issue.
Foreigh investment is good but allowing stategic companies to be bought up is folly.
The steel industry is mostly Indian owned. A petrol refinery near me in Ellesmere Port was sold by Shell to another indian company. Jaguar Landrover bought by Tata. Chobham armour, world leaders in their field sold to a US defence company and broken up. Arm holdings, a major chip manufacturer was going to Nvidia in the US but was knocked back. Then bought by a Japanese bank and now sold on to a US venture capitalist who is trying to sell it on to Nvidia again. Arm Holdings are Nvidia's biggest competitor, they want to buy them to break them up.
Ferry services fall into the category of strategic. I am conservative with a small "c" but I believe in more state intervention.

The UK spring budget is due to be announced in parliament tomorrow (Wednesday) by Rishi Sunak,
That would be the ideal opportunity to mention more about Freeports and that P&O will be excluded in future. They were down as a key player.

Too much of British industry with a strategic interest is falling into foreign hands. Shipping, ports, energy, water, chip manufacture, refineries, defence contractors to name just a few industries P&O parent company is Dubai based. People with different outlook on life.
More used to chopping bloody hands off. They were quite happy to take money from the government during the covid lockdown.

Symes wrote:

Well as most of the cost is tax & vat not only gas companies to blame -- pity you can't run bio diesel like my TDI does

I ran my diesel p38 for many years on a mixture of virgin veg oil and diesel. Percentage varied on the temperature at the time of year.
The M51 being indirect injection is quite happy to run on it. You don't really need biodiesel.
The only problems I've had are due to adding neat veg oil to the tank in cold'ish weather. It didn't mix properly.
I have run up to 75% in the summer and usually 50% in the winter. Bit of hassle mixing it in a jerry can first.
You can run 100% but it needs a heating system for the oil.
I havn't run virgin veg oil for a long time as the price at Costco increased a lot. I occasionally chuck in used veg oil.
Maybe with the recent price of diesel I should look at the costs again.

Addendum: quick search showed cheapest veg oil is now £1.30/L

Sign of the times with energy prices going through the roof: I chopped up some logs with my chainsaw in the back garden yesterday.
Periodic fillups with chainsaw oil, then realised I had been filling up with transmission fluid. I had previously filled a 5L container when I had my transfer box saga last year and the label had come off. Seemed to work OK. Not a good day.
I drove past a local garage and diesel was 179.9p/L.

I was lucky and got the screw out without damaging anything. I replaced it with an allen head stainless steel screw.
I used silicone grease on the (LR genuine) o-rings. Must be 10 years + now and its been OK since.

Volvo did a deal, back in the 60's I believe, that when your car had done 1 million miles you could exchange it for a new one.
Long since discontinued I'm afraid.