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No problem Craig, but you can't get the glass out without opening the door first.....

Yes, removing the rear door and cutting etc is another way, but as access is (still) restricted you may do more damage if
not careful.. I recall some have removed the card with the door closed (by removing the seat first).

Have a look when it's dark (!) if you are going the bash the top of the lock off wrap some foam round the rod/implement
to protect the glass... as well as bits of plastic there is a lever and a spring inside the lock. Once the lock is smashed like
this it is also U/S for locking the door too of course. When this happened to me it then 'just' involved entering the car via
another door and clambering about inside.....

Anyone still have the original Brabyn info. where this process is explained ?

First Craig it would have been best to post in the 'Electrickery' section, but that's the least of your problems.

Sounds like your 'Superlock' is permanently engaged, probably the servo/solenoid for this has failed or the electrical circuit to it has malfunctioned...

If so the 'butchery' necessary involves first winding the window fully down and breaking open the top of the (plastic) lock module...
A two-foot 1/4" sharpened rod works well.. Hints; You can see it all better at night, and protect the glass !

BrianH; Unfortunately TfL have a reputation for saying "We are considering it" as a pre-cursor to 'bad news' (so don't hold your breath wrt any LPG concessions). Their ULEZ was (primarily) supposed to discourage diesels, but, as I understand it LPG has ~5% of the NOx diesels produce. Perhaps if the various LPG organisations presented empirical evidence of that then concessions could have been made ? .... However their "LPG only" remark is their 'preference' ?

The 'joke' of course is that you pay your £12.50 and you can then drive around the ULEZ all day....!

Indeed, there are 4 types of 'Clean Air Zones':

Class Vehicle type
A Buses, coaches, taxis, private hire vehicles
B Buses, coaches, taxis, private hire vehicles, heavy goods vehicles
C Buses, coaches, taxis, private hire vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, vans, minibuses
D Buses, coaches, taxis, private hire vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, vans, minibuses, cars, the local authority has the option to include motorcycles

Bath is a 'C' Birmingham is a 'D'

Thus in Bath you can still use your car (without this Charge) even if it is used for work; Seems much fairer/sensible overall,
which is quite unusual with such schemes !

Some cities have considered making exceptions for such "Clean Air Zones", for example not charging for Private vehicles... but that can always change (of course !)....

Not sure about that 4.0/4.6 P38 difference either Richard but I would suspect there will be numerous such anomalies..

Most ULEZs are (notionally) based on NOx of course, whereby (Petrol) EURO3= 0.15g/km and EURO4=0.08g/km.

However there are Date of Manufacture classifications too, as in:

Incidentally the upcoming London ULEZ expansion will require 750 ANPR Cameras @ £15M (plus their installation costs..)
Thus they can claim their ULEZ Revenues are (just) 'used to make our streets cleaner' - So not 'Cash-Cows' at all then (?!)

I think their (misguided) plan is just to prevent ads. which 'glamorise' ICE SUVs.

Next -presumably- they would have to stop them being 'product placed' in Movies ?
Not sure that seeing their (obligatory) Car Chases in Sinclair C5s would work though....

Cars killed off Trams/Trolley buses, apparently:

They originally used 550v DC !

EDIT: Forgot to mention that the (currently) £12.50/day 24/7 ULEZ Charge is being extended in October too of course:

Yes, TfL have plans to (eventually) make all 9000 buses 'Zero Emission', but currently it is only about 200 - mainly EVs with only about 10% Hydrogen. They have actually dabbled with Hydrogen since 2002... but their early suppliers went out of business....


The main point however is that EVs (or even Hydrogen) can make considerable sense when such 'fleet' vehicles (particularly buses) are travelling in (relatively) local circuits with multiple depots etc..... aka the 'Milk Float Model' !

London is still however full of Diesel HGVs of course.

PS: Even further back: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_Electrobus_Company

As long as London buses meet their Criteria I don't think they actually care that much (yet) ?


Besides.. TfL now have their (extended) £15/day 7-days-a-week 07.00-22.00 'Congestion Charge' to fill their coffers.
(Also introduced during Lockdown of course...mainly because folks were understandably avoiding Public Transport)

In fact I do live in London Richard; I have been fighting the local LTN schemes too, won't bore you with the details but everyone (80%+) hates them but rather than planters/boxes the Councils now intend to use ANPR cameras instead...
This covers it quite well: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-54180647
(Note the Comments on that too...)
And also: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-56419277

Apparently it is nothing to do with raising revenues - it is about Climate Change !

PS: Forgot to mention but my local council have also brought in a Residents' Parking Scheme based on car Emissions.
(That's right - to Park !)......

Perhaps you are not aware of all the "Big Plans" for cities Pierre ?:

Yes, that's right.... we are all going to walk and cycle more - in London !!

When you have been suitably inflamed by that there are other plans afoot :


Apparently we will all be abandoning our cars very soon..


(PS: Yes, where I live they have tried these LTNs out; Yes, they are a disaster..
Some Local Councils tried to bring their Transport Plans forward by 20 years
using the Pandemic as the "reason" !)

Exactly strangerover: The 'Badvertising' folks behind these campaigns probably don't take any notice of their own ads. either.....

Again this all originated last year: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53607147

Read the 1700+ comments for details !?

Apparently, as long as the ads. for EVs are good. they will sell well (?!)......

Yes....this is 'doing the rounds' - again.


Cheap/cheerful but this ad-hoc 'Open Source' approach is probably not 'the right way forward' for P38 EVs either....


PS: "Don't use Innova Motors" !

It still surprises me how many folks are attracted to EVs because of their reduced 'Road Tax'........ !!

However I expect there will be "special environmental charges" introduced to dispose of the batteries used,
although there are plans to re-deploy the packs for home/PVC.

Incidentally can anyone explain to me how some manufacturers are extolling the virtues of NON-plugin Hybrids,
or are they really powered by 'Magic' ?!

Typically dave3d these types of policies have a fixed minimum/'set up' fee of about £200, and then 4p/Mile

Not for real ££££ classics either - lots of better normal/classic insurance deals for our p38 available anyway.

As far as I can tell these policies are mainly aimed at young/very low mileage drivers (?)

Well we have all done that -or similar- of course David, whilst 'learning the hard way' !
We also just learned you can inadvertently fit these upside-down.

Everything working OK now ?

EAS ECU is not seeing the correct voltages from the sensor/pot so I would re-check the continuity between the two
for resistance. (Ie. you may think you have 'continuity' but it's actually a few ohms ?)

Sensible move Rob: Then when the replacement arrives you can compare/probe them 'in action'
(although I still suspect the through-plating)

For the likes of identifying serial comms. pulses etc you can get a DMM/Scope for about £50,
or, and even more 'Cheap and Cheerful', something like the DSO188 will probably suffice:

Incidentally Car Manufacturers don't like to make circuit diagrams generally available of course...
that would allow us to repair lots of stuff for a few pounds instead of selling us a £££ module
Obviously that can't be allowed, and we all have to buy new cars - to save the planet...

You will usually only get 'face value' resistor readings on isolated components Rob: Rest of the circuit affects the readings.