The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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I agree, I haven’t had a bad hub on my LR’s yet, but on a Dakota I used to have with a bad front wheel bearing I couldn’t tell which one it was until pulling it apart. I would think that if one bearing is on its way out, it’s mate won’t be far behind though.

If the threads don’t clean up easily I wouldn’t hesitate to use heli-coils.

I’m 63 years old and have had quite a number of vehicles over the years. The P38 has been my favourite driving vehicle of all of them.

I’ve had similar ticking issues on 3 other, non LR V8’s and loose exhaust manifold bolts were the issue each time.

The LR V8’s sound really good when allowed to. I have a Magnaflow muffler on the P38, which is probably a tad loud even for me, but it sounds great.

I don’t think you can programme a NAS fob (or any fob) to your BeCM. I wish it was possible as I have only ever had one fob for my P38.

Wow, that’s serious stuff. Good luck and I’ll be looking forward to seeing how it goes.

I removed the rear silencer and replaced with only a pipe on the Disco. It’s not at all loud, you just barely hear it while driving.

I’ve been an aircraft mechanic for over 40 years. The only water injection on piston engines that I was ever familiar with only used water at full power and it was to prevent detonation, not for fuel economy. I’m not saying it could never be used for fuel economy but I’m also not understanding how it would decrease fuel consumption, unless it would somehow allow you to run a bit leaner. As I understand it, our “modern” EFI engines run very close to ideal fuel/air mixtures already.

Sorry to hear that. Good luck in your search for another LR.

I haven’t been following this thread very closely as the lead topic doesn’t really affect me at all on this side of the pond, but I’m very close to Morat on his Bangernomics theory. Besides the LR’s, my wife has an 04 V6 Mustang, which is a terrible winter car for this area, hence 2 LR’s. We’ve had the Stang for 14 years. 2 weeks ago it had its first mechanical failure (other than power window switches). The ignition coil pack failed one cylinder. I wish I could say the same for the LR’s, but I really love them anyway.
Now with spring here, she’s driving her Stang again, and I’m driving the P38 while I sort out LR issues on the Disco.
Our other 2 vehicles are an 83 Goldwing and an 86 Westfalia Vanagon.

I don’t think P38’s are going up in value here in Western Canada, but I haven’t really kept tabs either. It stands to reason that if they are going up in value in the UK, they’ll eventually start going up here.

Several years ago I bought a P38 that was just being sold for parts for about the same price as your breaker is asking for the engine. It’s another option to consider.

I deleted mine (after trying to repair the ridiculous plastic tracks) by disconnecting the motor and sealing the sunroof surround. I’d kind of like to have it working but I think it’s more money and work than it’s worth.

My 4.6 P38 gets similar fuel mileage as Richard is saying for his 4.0 (19-20), and that’s over our fairly steep local mountain passes travelling 120-130kmh. My 4.0 Disco does about 2mpg poorer and it can’t keep up to the P38. It is a big box compared to the Rangie.

Definitely the right choice to let your wife drive it. Of course she will love it and never want you to get rid of it.

Well done Don!

Good to know.

Thanks for the thorough write up Richard.
I have a question about the rubber parts of our pre-99 fuel systems being capable of withstanding ethanol. I remember reading somewhere that they may not be, I don’t think this was specific to LR though.