The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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Agreed! I took apart 3 Valve Blocks to get 3 good NRV’s. It’s only a matter of time…

I’ve had my P38 for 5 years and so far the RSW (paid for version) has done everything I’ve needed. When I got the Disco, it had a few issues that needed something like a Nanocom, so I bought the Evo and have been very happy with it. The Nano is more convenient than the RSW so I have only used it since getting it.

That may be considered rusty for a P38, but by most standards very clean for a 20 year old car near the sea.

4 years sounds horrible. I’m sure mine is the original 25 year old one (with new seals)

Hi Gavin. There are better EAS guys here than me, but I don’t think the compressor should come on every couple of minutes. I think it indicates a leak somewhere other than the air spring side of the system. And it shouldn’t labour that much. I have a spare pump from a parts vehicle that does that (which I intend to sort out some day), but the installed pump is quite quiet.

All this electronics is way over my head, but as for the differences between my P38 and my D2 I’ve always been amazed (even disregarding that one is GEMS and one Motronics). I expected to have all kinds of spare parts for my D2 when I got it, as I had previously stripped a wrecked P38 for a lot of spares.

Thanks for passing this on Dave. I don’t know Wammer, but RRTH, despite his opinionated replies, was a wealth of knowledge and was often quite helpful. Their presence in the LR community will be missed.

You don’t need to remove the fan, just the upper part of the fan shroud. Too bad you drove it until it steamed, hopefully no serious engine damage.

I see you say the steering wheel has been off, so it may be better to reclock the steering wheel itself.

To straighten the steering wheel, it’s just an adjustment on the rod from the steering box to the passenger side wheel. (But might want to figure out why it’s clocked over so far).
If your temps are degrees C, they look fine to me.
7mpg doesn’t sound very good but you can’t really get a good number in 18 miles.

Gordon and Tom, thanks for the info. I will need to look into some sort of non-immobilized ECU then.

Makes sense

Your BeCM knows when a trailer is plugged in. I get a green trailer icon light on my instrument panel. You don’t need another relay (mine is a NAS GEMS and I use a 4 pin NAS connector, so yours might be different).

Richard thanks as always. I just locked it with the fob then unlocked it with the key and it started, so I suppose no EKA needed (?). Like you, I do have a non-fob key hidden in the vehicle.
This has happened to me twice in the 4 years I’ve had it, I unlocked the car with the key only, then when attempting to start it, the hazards flash and the hooter hoots (immobilized). As soon as I press the fob everything is happy again. My worry is that if the fob ever dies (or I lose it, or forget it in my pocket and go swimming) , the next time it immobilizes the vehicle may be unusable forevermore.

Marshall, for that stand alone ECU do I need to send the unit to Tornado, or do they send me something to install? Also, is this similar to Mobi-lize? I really should do something like this as I have only ever had one Fob (as I understand you can’t get a replacement for NAS) and I’m a bit afraid that when my Fob eventually dies, my P38’s life will be limited. (1997 GEMS).

Well again thanks for all your work on this forum Richard and Gordon!

Mine has also done this for the whole 4 years I’ve had it. It hasn’t gotten any worse and actually I don’t even notice it anymore.

Perhaps in California. There are no shortage of petrol V8’s when I go south across the border. Even with the relatively low cost of fuel on this side of the Atlantic, some folks still really like diesels for their fuel economy. For the mountainous area where I live, I really like the power of my 4.6 petrol engine and would never consider a diesel.

From memory, mine with auto gearbox was over 800lbs, so Richards 350kg sounds like a reasonable estimate.

That makes sense. It took me a few times to clue in that it always happened there and seemingly never anywhere else.