The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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Hi. Welcome here. What vehicle do you have?

?Try swapping relays?

Jay Leno is the one who bought the Harley that I mentioned above.

I also give the seam a bit of a wrap with gorilla tape. This may be more of an issue in my Canadian winters, but the way that the P38 air flow works is that the fan blows outside air toward the heater core. There is a fair distance from the fan to the matrix, and several duct joints. Any leaks between the fan and the matrix is cold air blowing at my feet. In most other vehicles I’ve had, the fan is very close to the matrix and there isn’t as much chance for leaks. Before I did this, my P38 heater was not up to our cold weather.

That information could make it worth a lot more. Maybe a little different, but I know of a Harley that had been owned by Elvis that sold for US$750,000.

Do you know who the original owner was? The more famous, I suspect the more value.

That’s a really useful review! 14 years of use plus the companies standing up their guarantee.

It goes to show what a decent guy Storey is. He “sells” the EAS for free, and doesn’t charge a huge amount for the full V4. A LR/RR enthusiast who is trying to help out other enthusiasts.

I made the same assumption the first time I topped up the P38 auto box. With the t-case I’m not sure it’s even possible to over fill as you normally top it until it runs out the same hole as you fill it with. I just threw that in in case it’s actually possible to add fluid through a higher location.

And I suppose it’s almost impossible that it could be over filled?

Glad to hear you got it sorted. And for free!

I would also endorse the RSW software. I had RSW before I had the Nanocom. The Nano is easier to use, but so far (I think over 6 years) RSW would have taken care of everything I’ve needed. I bought the Nano after I added the Disco to my fleet.

If it was me I’d probably try a bit of judicious application of the park brake while driving to try to “burn off” the residual oil. If you try this be very careful as you could easily cause more harm than good.

Pierre, thanks for the detailed description of how you did it. I may (or may not) need to do the same one day.

Happy to hear that you found the problem.

Good news about the shifting! Maybe it’s something we all need to look at on our 25 year old vehicles.

I understand what you’re saying (I had a Dodge Dakota that I deleted the cats from, so I can’t be too judgemental about this). In the case of the PCV system, I don’t think there’s any good reason to delete it.

And to be fair to the “normal workshop”, troubleshooting can eat up a lot of man hours. Most customers don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars/pounds to figure out their issue.

Thanks for the thorough explanation Richard.

Are you talking about the Positive Crankcase Ventilation System? I don’t think there’s a good reason to delete it.