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I’ve had a latch assy on order from Rimmer Bros for a few months now (on back order) due to an intermittent RF Door Unlatched warning. Today it quit locking or unlocking with the fob, and the tailgate doesn’t open. I know I need a latch, but is there a temporary work around? I’ve ordered a FQJ103240 which should be correct for my VIN and LH drive. Maybe there’s a better source for this latch?

I think I need a new Door Latch assembly. I sometimes get the above message, even when the door is closed. If I open and reclose the door, the message always goes away. I had this a couple of years ago, but I sprayed the micro switch area of the latch with contact cleaner, and the fault went away for a couple of years. Now it's back. Last time I went through Marty's latch tests, but because it's intermittent, it passes. It's probably time to replace it(?) I seem to remember that someone had an MG P/N that was identical, but cheaper. The P/N I come up with (RH door, LHD, VIN# VA35----) is FQJ103240. They're around 200GBP, so I don't want to replace it unnecessarily.

This question is about the Disco, but it's a 4.0 Bosch. I've been adding about a pint of coolant a week, and I don't drive it a lot. It has 165,000km, and as far as I can tell, the HG's have never been done, so I guessed it was time. I removed the heads, and I was hoping to see more definite evidence of bad HG's. I'll try to post photos again. Also, are #6 liner there is a slight brown streak, but liners all look intact, and slightly below flush.

Okay, I got them out, but there must be a better way. Thin walled sockets, or other special tools? The transfer case end of the front prop shaft was especially difficult.

I think I need to replace the alternator (maybe voltage regulator). Lights steady before starting the engine, as soon as it's running, lights go noticably brighter and pulsate, seemingly faster with higher RPM. My voltmeter across the battery reads steady at 14.5V at idle and steady 14.4 with some RPM, but the pulsating is probably too fast for my meter to notice (several times a second).
It may have been doing this for months and I'm only noticing now with the winter darkness. With all the electronics I probably shouldn't let it go very long?

Fortunately it was the left latch, as I could insert a longish thin screwdriver and push the lever to release it. I bodged a fix which should work until a new cable assy get here. While I was at it, I decided to bend a coat hook to see if I could pull on the right hand latch to release it if I should ever need to. This worked, but I didn't realize the warning switch lives there and I dislodged it by accident. It's all back together now.
It will probably be good information for someone down the road to know you don't need to take anything apart to open the hood when the cable fails. A long thin screwdriver to push the left or a bent coat hook to pull the right latch, but be careful of the switch. From the front grille go through the hole where the black latch cable runs.
The above is for LH drive, but I suspect RH drive would be the same.

I stumbled on this site a few weeks ago when I was trying to search a door latch issue on .net. Since then I've read through a fair percentage of the threads here, and I'd like to join. Many of the posts seem to be from people that I've found to be most helpful at .net where I've gleaned a wealth of knowledge. I've had my P38 for 2 years now. I've had quite a few vehicles throughout my life and my P38 has been my favourite to drive both on and off road. For the first year, it was probably my least trouble free car (second only to my first year with my 1963 Series 2A, which I've had for 25 years now), but I've got most of the issues sorted now. I'm an aircraft mechanic by trade so I'm not afraid of most mechanical or electrical issues, though I'm not as good with electronics. I'm not the guy with a wealth of P38 knowledge, but hopefully I can offer some helpful advice on occasion.