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Hi, I am looking for a hint / tip for a good and easy pick up point for the 12V ignition fed 15+ for an additional warning light / led which I am going to install in the instrument cluster.
It will indicate low coolant level, as I installed already a different head tank with sensor. The RR Classic had this feature and I think its with the effort.
As everything in the P38 is switched to ground by the BECM I am hesitant to just cut in an existing line?
Any good starting points? The typical cigar lighter hack?
What do You guys recommend?
THX in advance
best regards

Hi, thx for the friendly feedbacks. The color is woodcote green, LR paintcode 623 with a TAN interior / Code G. There were 50th Land Rover anniversary editions in some markets with this color.
The rims were installed by me, being a long time RR Classic driver, I have a tick with the Vogue SE rims, three spoke and color matched with silver outer ring. I combined that with later centre caps and LR silver ones, when driving the winter tires in silver.
The car came with the rims pictured (amber / yellow indicator lights). I removed all stickers on the rear and put a Land Rover Classic decal (same as the RR soft dash Logo, but plain silver sticker) on the lower tailgate.
As well removed the headlamp washer, so it looks more reduced to form and not details.
That's the look in winter:
How it looked, when I bought it:
enter image description here

Joined long time ago ... very happy to be here.
My "retro" Classic ...

P38 Classic 1

P38 C 2

P38 C3

donmacn I just did the manual to electric swap a few weeks ago. If You get the seats with memory You should disable the door mirror adjustment when engaging reverse ... otherwise You end u with maladjusted mirrors every time You reverse. Ingintion on, engage reverse and press memory button on the seats for longer than two seconds. Message centre will tell You "mirror dip off".
It is absolutely worth the work, the electric ones are much more adjustable and have a lumbar support. You can swap the seat bases, so getting a less used passenger side base makes the seat feeling even more like new.

Hi Line BECM is a written "H" on the label visible on top of the BECM if You open the fuse box in the right seat base. Might be covered in many layers of dust ... so wipe gently ;-)

Hi roman rob, thanks for the question. No it is not light stone, there are many centre consoles / side wings available in light stone. My interior looks like this. I am searching for the color of the plastics (or one matching in tone). BTW now it is much cleaner, it´s an image when I bought the car ;-)


Yes, right Gilbertd ... e.g. my 98 LHD has manual leather seats (as well in TAN). As far as I got now, many parts are interchangeable between manual and electric seats (bases, headrest) and the seats have many parts in common - read non handed.

For the different markets, OH YES! When I got mine it lacked the read puddle lights, which I retrofitted. Left side, pre-wired including plug, right side ... NOTHING. Don't ask me, if I would have installed them, if I would habe known before, being picky in original. It took quite an effort to research plugs, connectors, color coded wiring loom and track down sources to buy etc ;-)
Another thing were the footwell lights, I was told by someone with a RHD that the plugs were there, footwell light pre-wired. Sadly not on mine, which was another study in details I now know, but prefer I wasn't obliged to research ;-)

anyway, mine is now a H(ybrid)-SE. 2nd best thing IMHO was the insulation mat under the bonnet, which made a difference.

BTW I was told that the late higher spec cars have better sound insulation? Can anyone confirm / deny?

Fitted a electric driver seat in a former manual SE spec. Funny finding, as the seat has memory, but I have the six connector mirrors, they drop(ped) everything I switched to reverse, but never came up. You can disable the function by ignition in position II, reverse gear engaged and pressing the memory button for some seconds until message says "...blabla function disabled".

Car feels with new seat cushions and the much more comfortable and adjustable seats like new. One of the best upgrades I did so far. Chronic featuritis is incurable ;-)

Hi, as I have a spare set of centre console side wings in black and can not find them genuine in TAN online (at least not in a condition or price) I want to give it a try in spraying them myself. Can anyone help me with a color code or color name which resembles the genuine TAN / brown color?
Tipps for spraying them are also welcomed.
Thanks in advance

Great responses from all, they will help me a lot.
I will update as soon, as I get my fingers and tools on the car.
best regards

BlackSpeed66 ... Good q&d test! THX

The door latch test is another good idea, forgot that's (t)here. THX Bolt
But will it show intermittent function? Or is it a "shotgun" approach? I have not yet seen the door locks dancing on this car, but the owner is reliable and has reported without asking ...

About the BECM, I doubt that as well, but it was mentioned at the island4x4 ordering information for the door locks as a common fault. I have checked the prices for the locks, just in case my friend says order them and install them, we will see if they are the cause. He is a little short on time.

a friend of mine with a P38 (LHD) has told me, that he has the dancing door locks syndrome.
After some research I found three possible routes: 1) a broken wire which touches the winding mechanism of the window, 2) a micro switch in the front(?) door locks (can it be one rear also?) or 3) an error in the BECM.
Obviously 1 means pulling the door cards, wire contact should be visible
2) How can I check / find out which door lock causes the trouble or change them both anyway?
3) Any hints or tips how to check / rule out the BECM without first installing new door locks and finding it out the expensive way?
As it is LHD and the rear tail gate button is sometimes stuck is this caused by the door lock or just coincidence?
As far as I know the RH door lock controls the rear tailgate button, but as the dancing door locks are intermittent and sadly it did not happen, yet, when I was with the car, i can not correlate.
I have the RSW suite and a Hawkeye for diagnostics.

Any hints and tipps are highly welcomed!
Thanks in advance

Hi Aragorn
Just a guess. Have You checked Your fuel pump?
Had comparable issues with two p38, which were related to fuel pump after some time running.
Maybe worth a try?
best regards

I´d subscribe to Your experiences with body shops.
There's a saying over here, that these guys are all odd, because they inhale all these unhealthy thinner fumes for extended periods ...

Hope Your precious is finally going to be a gem!
Good luck!

Gr8, thx. You made my day.
best regards

Has anyone fitted those MG door latches? Are they straight bolt on or are any modifications required?
Thanks in advance
best regards

THX Gilbertd,
ordered one, hope it'll fit.

Great tip,
but which of these door latches would be for a LHD LH (drivers) side?
I can not identify the MG part number.
Thanks in advance

Thx, I was searching for this TSBs a long time, now I have a newer 2nd Version.

O-Range Rover ;-)

It´s the same as the glovebox light, not like the front footwell or puddle lights.