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Hi @all, a fellow enthusiast has probs with his 97 P38 with the 4HP24EH gearbox. Sometimes in the last days the car had either lost drive (neither forward, nor reverse) while driving or from startup. No messages, just no drive. No mechanical sounds he says. Oil level is fine and correct checked. And it recovers mystically self and then he can drive again. Gear selection works, as lever moves and gear indicator in the message centre are corresponding. Transfer box can be switched between high and low. Now we are a bit lost, where to start next steps for researching the cause ... any hints re greatly appreciated!
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This also means that ABS will activate even when you are not pressing the brakes but only slowing down using engine braking. I've have since experienced this on a steep muddy descent.
Seems our cars have hill descent control avant la lettre?
Brake or TC? How did You realise?
Maybe the late four channel ABS has more abilities, than I knew ... very interesting.

I don`t know the prices and Your approach, but wouldn´t be a used axle casing from a breaker not cheaper, faster and more convenient?
Just a guess ... anyway, great work!

The rad-bolts are the same painful construction, as the headlamp rear ones ;-) it seems it was a fashionable idea amongst LR construction engineers of that time ... guess they never estimated us turning the bolts 20 years after building the car.

HeYa everyone, pls share via PN your plans/drawings/measurements for brackets etc. with me, as another fellow enthusiast just asked this questions by coincidence in a foreign language forum. I will share with him, as he is not online, here.
happy rangeorovering

Paul, the vendor of the stainless steel spring, is a very nice and friendly guy. He refurbishes steering wheels for the P38 and offers decal kits for the cruise control and ICE buttons.

Beautiful Archie 🤩

Leolito without looking in the ETM just a guess: fuel filler release button?

hi Archie, welcome here, too! Happy to see You! Let's take it as a challenge ... as I said many times: You've not just bought a car, but another hobby / passion. Enjoy!

As Richard said: Much better here, than there ... but Richard / GilbertD is on both forums, so You are probably in the best company You can imagine ;-) redundancy rules, like with medical doctors, always get a qualified 2nd opinion ...

Whenever You might have wondered about the support You have got, I learned it here / there ...

The RSW V4 can check several signals to the BECM, but it is as in medical cure ... whatever helps is the right medicine ;-)

Definitely the Nano can do more. And since the Hwakeye total isn't available the only full comprehensive for live engine data like mass air flow etc.
I gave my faultmate to friends with RR Classics, I really disliked the somewhat nerdish design ;-)

I would say the very Sherlock deductive approach of Richard was the key, not the instrument ...

If it´s up to me, You can delete it ;-) don't want to support spambots ...

Walter Gropius, the first director of the "bauhaus" university said: An Expert is someone, who repeats the same error over and over again ;-)
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Hi Nigel, sadly not all the functions, especially the realtime stuff for the ECM. But it was very reliable, good user interface! It tells You when, which state of the ignition, which is a major annoyance with the nano.
I bought it initially BEFORE I bought my 2nd P38. But I am a somewhat freak, when it comes to diagnostics. Started with the late classics, which had ABS, EAS and Efi comparable to the P38, but no BECM.
IMHO the RSW ist worth considering as an option ;-)

The messages sound like a locked BECM but that is not possible, as You were able to connect with the Nano.
I have both, the Hawkeye total ... which is really and sadly not available new any more - and the Nano.
I bought the Nano only out of curiosity ... and to keep the more valuable Hawkeye total at home and not in the car.
The dongles for the Hawkeye are still available and the total covers all models up to 2014 (and some later). Maybe You had the wrong cable / dongle?
The Nano could not find / reset errors, which were indicated correct and better with the hawkeye, which could reset them. HEVAC for example.
Another diagnostic option is the RSW suite v4 for a laptop / tablet. That's usually my first and preferred choice.

But great finding Richard!

H&H Lucky You about the Hawkeye, of course it could be done with it.

I had the same problem, got a working one, which gave up, too. The plastic notches seem to get brittle and disintegrate ...
Now I copied the idea / workaround from a friend and very happy since then:
enter image description here
I did it with all three carpet fasteners (image is NOT my car).
Just a splint and some rubber band, maybe not the most elegant version, but maybe worth considering.

Gave mine a sunday to socialise with others of his species ... he (for me the Range Rover is male) feels quite lonely, as our beasts get rare over here ... enter image description here

WOW! Literally a "bright" idea ... impressive
Irrc there is a permanent 12V feed behind the left(?) boot panel in a white connector for accessories power outlet for a fridge etc. Later (guess post facelift) models have a power outlet in the boot already. Might be the same You have used anyway. Had a look at the accessories fitting instructions and the Kit has the number stc8835
The map reading lights, at least the rear ones, stay on independent of the rest of the car. Discovered because a friend of my daughter played with them and left them switched on. I only realised several days later ... As Yours are LED and dependent on the frequency You use the car, it is a neglectable risk of draining the battery IMHO.

Loadspace floor extension ;-) LR jargon ...
For parts number search ...