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Fully agree with Storey is a great guy! His software must helped many of us to keep our cars on the road. I have the EAS freeware and the V4 suite and very happy, except he cancelled support for XP ;-)

Finally spolved the strange problem ... after initially having the ignition barrel/lock under suspicion, we swapped the BECM to another one which has been programmed by a fellow enthusiast with the cars data (Keycodes, EKA etc.). Now everything works fine again. So sometimes it is really the BECM. Maybe we´ll find out wether it was the power board or the logic board of the BECM, but that is far beyond my personal capabillities. I just did the diagnosis and swapped the BECM and did some stuff with my diagnostics (synching EMS-BECM).

Hi, as many of You might know, that the fuseboxes are no longer available new. As there're several variants, has anyone done a comparison, maybe just the pins in the pugs have to be rearranged? Upper Layout versus connector side layout?

As far as I know, the late Diesel Fuse boxes are still in stock?

I guess it means a side by side comparison of the several editions of the Electrical trouble shooting manuals? How many editions are around? I have four or six on my mind?

Hi Richard, middle of the next week I´ll have a friends Motronic P38 here and I can check with my Nano the readings (and can compare to my own Gems).
What exactly should I look for if that is any help for You?

Grizzly … maybe too late. You should look for either a ECU from a 4.0 or have someone with a Motronic P38 and Diagnostic equipment, to change the settings. There are 5 of them, P38 4.0 & 4.6, Disco 2 4.0 & 4.6 and one which is called „default“. Hopefully You bought one with a plug and a pigtail?

If it is the P38 from Your signature it will have the older CC ECU, which is prone for intermittent operation. I swapped mine for a later one from the facelift model (made an adaptation with the plug like this one https://ejcruz.smugmug.com/Other/Range-Rover-P38/).

Worked fine for me since the swap.

BTW … it was, as suggested the door lock. We swapped both front locks and the phenomena disappeared. Funny enough it happened predictable at 23° C … an error with a threshold ;-)

8mm is correct, but they are 1.2 mm thick.

THX guys, GR8 as always.
Jumper means connecting cable to both of them like and leave them connected to the BECM or cutting them and joining them?
Another slightly off topic question … Bolt, what is a P38 HSK? Never heard that before …

Did I mention that I dislike very much the paternalistic Nanny State zero risc attitude which seems to be fancy ourdays? rant over
OK, the one I use has a car „master“ (german title) and some mechanics running around doing their own professional work, it is a mixture of DIY and free garage. I learned a lot from these guys and they are very helpful …

Í have a spare standalone GEMS EMS ECU, can anyone tell me what connectors have to be changed at the BECM to make it start and run anyway?
I understand that one can jump the relais (iIrc two starter and Idk) in the fuse box … but would prefer to go around the the hassle

I use extensively a „rental“ workshop with ramps/posts and it is heated and they have some tools, I otherwise have to buy. Since I found one very nice closely to my house, I do much more on my car (and the ones from fellows I take care off) For 12 €/h on a workshop place with a ramp post I will never, ever lay beneath my car again … enter image description here

Welcome … nice fleet! Sorry, driving on the other side of the road in continental europe ;-)
but at least, I drive british heritage … and I like some UK drinks very much!

Fully agree Echo-Echo, this forum is marvellous!
Like the idea of model specific meetings (and mixed ones, too) for parting with parts ... ;-)

What kind of fuel injection system?

To rule out the power supply as a source for triggering the alarm I asked the fellow to pull fuse 14 and see if the alarm sets of when the ignition is switched on. Fuse 14 powers the fuel flap, the rear cdl, trailer socket and tailgate cdl.
Will post result.
My hypothesis is that when the alarm does NOT set of, when the ignition is turned, the problems is in this circuit or signal processing in the BECM, if it still does, the search continues in another direction.

Alarm is still triggered with Fuse 14 pulled.

The saga continues …my friends got a Nanocom from another fellow. We could not deactivate the alarm with the Nano. Neither the individual alarm functions (indicator, main beam etc.). The alarm sets of immediately when the ignition is switched on. As far as I know the transponder ring in the barrel has been cut and this solved miracously the alarm problem for a while, which has returned during driving and did not disappear since then.

What could trigger the alarm when ignition power supply is in the system? Car unlocks with the fob and the red LED works, as it should.

Ah, and the alarm is triggered as well, when the fuel door is opened … obviously without ignition. Could it be the LH door lock on a LHD vehicle? Defective cdl switch? Or an error in the communication of this switch? Like broken wire, loose connector, error in the door outstation?

Another question I have: Is it possible to change the market settings with the Nanocom? I only found market set and not set, but no options to choose? I was told either setting to japan or canada will deactivate some not so much liked features in the alarm and immobilster e.g.
What diagnostic tool can set the market? I know faultmate, T4 …

I found a fuel filter repair Kit in my parts box with - guess - two o-rings. The fuel filters come without O-rings. As I am helping a friend finding a fuel supply problem with his car we are swapping the pump (and expect to fit new fuel lines above the tank anyway). So I measured and come to 8mm x 1 mm ordered some will come back, if they fit when they are delivered. Thanks for Your help Richard!

Richard, gr8 assistance as always, but this seems to be size of the packaging … I had the same Idee, but even the Brit-Car webpage which is usually very helpful doesn‘t show dimensions, sadly.

Hi @all,
i am looking for the dimensions of the fuel line O-Ring for the P38 GEMS (RR Classic and D1, too). Seems they find use in the power steering lines as well.
Esr259 ... need the dimensions to order them here, fast ;-)
Thanks in advance
best regards