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enter image description here
Wow 😮 bright(sic!) idea 💡
Will be copied 😉
In the meantime I doubled the genuine one, while I had to take the third brake light cover out anyway.
Was a few minutes with a hand mill and two wires plus doubling plugs 🔌

Ups, I plan to do the front output shaft bearing on my TC ... what was the problem with the c-clips? I have a spare TC here and wanted to "bench test" the dismantle and fitting process in advance, before I try it on my car. I was hoping to be able to change the front output bearing with the TC in situ ... can You tell us, Richard?
Thanks a lot in advance!

Just today rimmerbros sent an email that the have discount on MGF and MG TF parts. Some of them share the same door locks with our cars and You can get a real good door lock with microswitches on a budget.
Maybe someone can help with the right part numbers for LHD / RHD. I can not look into my files, where I am now. I bought a spare door lock for my P38 during the last discount time for a ridiculous low price.
Good luck.

Another point where I had strange phenomena was a loose earth connection at a battery, because a stupid mechanic has not really tightened it ... guess my facial expression when I took of the battery cover and attached a Volt meter and the doors locked ;-) because I twiggled with the probes at the battery ...

Richard, I love those archeology of features! ;-)
One thing I read somewhere, that the BECM has a low coolant warning message, which was never installed / activated. Let's talk about economics and long lasting engines (and comfort features).
I suspect that many engines where killed because of busted coolant hoses and low coolant for any reason.
The cruise control light in the switch is nice, I prefer its position, personally I have developed some kind of allergy against any lights in the warning light cluster, since I drive Land Rover ;-)

GR8 information You've shared, THX!


Richard ... please take as many images / pictures, as You can of all of those jobs ;-)
Or, if You have useful links, pls provide them as well ... always a pleasure reading Your knowledge, knowing every plug and its pinout in the P38 by firstname, heritage and all relatives ;-)

Nearly everything on my maintenance / exchange projects list ...

Hi Dave3d, thanks for the input. Will look for some used ones, as Diesels are quite common over here.

Coinicidence ... I was just asking my favourite parts dealer for the complete under tray in order to "posh up" my low spec SE ;-)
As You said it reduces the noise ... are they really fitted to many Diesel engined examples? Would narrow the search a bit ...
I installed the bonnet insulation from a higher spec and it made a noticeable difference as well.
also hunting for information about window options in thickness ... curious and open for any input or information.

j_rov I have the paper copy already, but no access at the moment to a an automated scanner with page feed.
If amazon would offer a pdf (or Brooklands) I would habe bought that already.

GR8! Congrats, mate!

Did not knew about that problem with the rhd vehicles.
On a lhd there's luckily plenty of space and I did neither drill a hole, nor did I cut a hose, but bought another taylor-made tank with a sensor. Sadly it wasn't available in blackened that time, shiny alloy is a bit "loud" optically ;-)

I would go for the ready-made Allisport for a coolant level sensor. If You want to cut Your hoses, I would go for the heater hoses (warm) like shown in this copied drawing from another forum:
enter image description here

If anyone wants to have a pdf of a 95 model year scanned catalogue, drop me a message or tell me, where to upload.

I have the printed version of the 1995-2002 catalogue, that's why I am searching for the pdf. Most preferred tool for parts research.
Maybe it is because I come from Range Classic times ;-) EPC and Microcat are running finde over here, but a complete parts catalogue in the cloud would be just perfect.

Dear Richard, nothink 😉

It‘s just me Oldtimer, eye prefer the old parts catalogue ;-)
I really appreciate every contribution!

happy rovering

Hi Dave & JMC, thanks anyway guys. But still not found what I was looking for sing
Best regards Kurt

It is RTC9970CE what I am looking for. I am used since RRC times to the printed versions, a scan would just be gr8!

Hi folks, I know there's rave, EPC, microcat around, but I am searching for a pdf version of the printed parts catalogue. I managed to find one scanned from 1995 but this one lacks, obviously, all later models and variants.

Does anyone have access to a file and is willing to share? Would be gr8!

THX in advance.
happy covering KCR

Does anyone know if I can substitute the timer relay AMR1111 in the classic with the timer relay ANR4652? They seem to have the same function in nearly the same system and look from the images, as they like to have the same connector locations, although looking totally different from the outside?

Would help a lot to know ..!
happy covering KCR

Holy ... why I like this forum so much. Just helping a good friend at the moment with his RRC on bags, to make his EAS reliable working.
By Richards remark I got to like the first time in my life those additional T-piece Schrader-Valve "emergency-kits" ... checking the opening and closing of the solenoids with a manometer. Nice if You have he system already in the car. I have and had a set of four adaptors with tire valves and a 12V compressor for the cigarette lighter with me ;-)

Greyhound ... I was trying to convince the CC on my GEMS for a long time, too.
Built an adaptor for the later style CC ECU AMR5700 from the THOR models (P38 or Discovery). Not alteration at the cars wiring loom required, just a pigtail from a donor car and an old ECU from the GEMS. I works perfectly since then. Give it a try, seems faster than searching for hours a phantom. Parts are easily available in the digitalbay.
Good luck.