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The saga continues …my friends got a Nanocom from another fellow. We could not deactivate the alarm with the Nano. Neither the individual alarm functions (indicator, main beam etc.). The alarm sets of immediately when the ignition is switched on. As far as I know the transponder ring in the barrel has been cut and this solved miracously the alarm problem for a while, which has returned during driving and did not disappear since then.

What could trigger the alarm when ignition power supply is in the system? Car unlocks with the fob and the red LED works, as it should.

Ah, and the alarm is triggered as well, when the fuel door is opened … obviously without ignition. Could it be the LH door lock on a LHD vehicle? Defective cdl switch? Or an error in the communication of this switch? Like broken wire, loose connector, error in the door outstation?

Another question I have: Is it possible to change the market settings with the Nanocom? I only found market set and not set, but no options to choose? I was told either setting to japan or canada will deactivate some not so much liked features in the alarm and immobilster e.g.
What diagnostic tool can set the market? I know faultmate, T4 …

I found a fuel filter repair Kit in my parts box with - guess - two o-rings. The fuel filters come without O-rings. As I am helping a friend finding a fuel supply problem with his car we are swapping the pump (and expect to fit new fuel lines above the tank anyway). So I measured and come to 8mm x 1 mm ordered some will come back, if they fit when they are delivered. Thanks for Your help Richard!

Richard, gr8 assistance as always, but this seems to be size of the packaging … I had the same Idee, but even the Brit-Car webpage which is usually very helpful doesn‘t show dimensions, sadly.

Hi @all,
i am looking for the dimensions of the fuel line O-Ring for the P38 GEMS (RR Classic and D1, too). Seems they find use in the power steering lines as well.
Esr259 ... need the dimensions to order them here, fast ;-)
Thanks in advance
best regards

As it is a Webasto sunroof afaik maybe the manufacturer can help?

Hi Richard, Good advice as always. I maybe made the mistake of never ask him, if he played with these options, as he got a Nanocom from a friend in Germany. So I assumed they have played with the Alarm Settings.But will re-check!

It´s not only the alarm horn, it is the main beam, indicator etc. the full program. Really strange, we think of swapping the BECM.

The saga continues ... new/used fuse box did not change the off behaviour. Funny finding, opening the fuel flap will trigger the alarm, too. Even if the car is unlocked. What can trigger the alarm if the car is unlocked? Why? Why is the car "armed"?

i Bolt, exactly my other recommendation, too. Thank You very much for the suggestion!

Richard ... i came to the same conclusion, Thanks a lot. There where other errors reported, like alarm going off when the lights get switched on etc. A new fuse box is on its way, will update once it is installed.

Hi Harv, we´ll try this tipp. THX!

update ... car was at a dealer and they disconnected the receiver coil in the ignition barrel. That helped for two days until the alarm went off while driving on the highway.
I have now the suspicion that either the fuse box, the earth points or finally the BECM may cause the erratic behaviour, as the fuel filler refused to open for some reasons (it finally opened up and I told the fellow about the manual override in the late models ;-) )
I´ll keep this updated, as soon as we know more. Very strange ...

Yes, it is very strange ... I guess, I have to check it myself with the car and dig deeper into the alarm system and its connection to ignition barrel. Will take a while until the car gets to me, it is in France at the moment ... sadly the fellow doesn't have any diagnostic equipment.

I´ve asked my friend. Everything works, as it should. Car unlocks with the fob, LED is off when unlocked and blinks when car is closed. Starts and drives normal, but with alarm. He has disconnected the horn etc.. As soon as he inserts the key the alarm gets off. Seems like the microswitch or the receiver in the ignition barrel. It is an early Thor from 99 V8.

Hi at all, one my P38 fellows has a strange problem. When he inserts the key in he ignition barrel the alarm sets of ... horn/indicator. Fob unlocks and locks without any issues. Anyone ever had this phenomena? Hints, where to start? Car is not with me at the moment ...

Thankful to Pierre ... merci pour l´inspiration! ;-)

got the package ... fits nice, now new headliner ;-)

Thanks a lot for all the help, hints and tipps!

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Got the AC checked, system is tight as a submarine, minimal loss.
Found a like new/unused parcel shelf, a travelling Kit/boot tray and a NOS set of carpet mats, feels a bit like Christmas.

enter image description here
enter image description here

Yesterday with 30C outside the electric fans were running, but in slow mode.
Speed was mostly in TC mode in a hilly valley, so load on the engine and not that much cooling by „breeze“ ;-)

leolito ... I contacted the parts department by email and they answered ;-)