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Jun 20 2017
09 May 2019 - 18:52

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

My 2002 Vogue SE.

10 May 2019 - 17:29

romanrob wrote:

lol - yeh Robbo you must have spent a long time on that
Yes a fair amount of time but I do enjoy detailing the car. Got to have it looking nice for the car shows we do with our local car club.

10 May 2019 - 17:27

dave3d wrote:

My god that looks nice Robbo1. Is that taken when it was new? Can't believe that is a 17 year old car.

Ha ha. Pictures taken last week for the agreed value insurance. Glad you like it.

10 May 2019 - 18:01

RutlandRover wrote:

I used to go nuts cleaning my cars. Clay bars, multiple buckets, wash mitts, fancy polish, sealants, all sort of things for the interior.

I bought a dual action polisher and got the paint on my ST170 looking like a mirror. I'd take the seats out to clean under them, wheels off to clean the backs etc.

Then I found I didn't have the time to do it anymore. Found a girlfriend, then a kid came along etc. I really want to get back to doing things like that - I don't like looking at or sitting in a grubby car :(

I have more time as I’m an old bugger. Well we do see the kids and grand children a lot and I do work with my son. But I have the the weekends off so I have a bit of time. I do like to keep the car clean and also trying different waxes detailing sprays etc,

20 May 2019 - 17:49

oilmagnet477 wrote:

Being one of the 'lucky' over 50's owners, I was pleasantly surprised last year with a quote from the AA for a 6000 mile, zero no claims (second car) of £227.

This year they have jacked it up to £261 (now with 1 yr NCB). Just moved to Admiral for £182. At least the difference will pay for 3/4 of a tank of fuel (lol!)

On 'lower' value insurance premiums it is easy to ignore the £50 hike as not worth the hassle but when you hunt around, that £50 can become £80 and is suddenly more noticeable.

I will never understand how it is cheaper for companies to find new business than to keep existing clients????

Totally agree with this. Bloody thieves if you ask me. I always shop around or challenge the renewal quote. My Lancaster renewal quote this year for the P38 was £270 ish I got it down to under £200 by challenging the quote with Lancaster. I can’t understand why they think they can rob existing policy holders.

20 May 2019 - 17:52

Welcome. Nice to see another late Vogue SE. Good luck with the car.

25 May 2019 - 07:11

Well done that’s looking very nice. What wax etc did you use on your car.

25 May 2019 - 12:57

How do you rate the poor boys. I was thinking of trying the black on mine .

26 May 2019 - 07:26

StrangeRover wrote:

Robbo1 wrote:

How do you rate the poor boys. I was thinking of trying the black on mine .

It's Great stuff Rob, easy on easy off and lasts well too!!

Poorboys Blackhole would go well with your dark paint, it also has fillers in it that mask swirls and scratches not that yours has any..

The Wax in my case is Nattys Blue they also do white not really any difference apart from the smell, both smell edible..


My son said he has some Black Hole I can have so I will just have to get the Nattys Black wax. Looking forward to having a go with is lot. I don’t know if it will make much difference. I will post a picture when it’s done.

11 June 2019 - 05:53

Looks very nice. Good colour match. I might have to do mine now 👍

02 September 2019 - 18:03

I went to the classic and sports cars by the lake show yesterday near Bury St Edmunds and look what happened.
enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

02 September 2019 - 19:01

Sure is. I was so chuffed with this. I beat a Bentley 2nd and a Porsche 3rd in the modern classics class. Over 700 cars on display with over 100 in the modern classic class.

03 September 2019 - 17:04

Thanks for all the nice comments. Much appreciated. I will be at the Kings Lynn Heritage day on Sunday week with the Range Rover. This is another favourite for us been going since it started.

03 September 2019 - 22:12

Gilbertd wrote:

Robbo1 wrote:

I will be at the Kings Lynn Heritage day on Sunday week with the Range Rover. This is another favourite for us been going since it started.

Where and when? KL isn't far for me and it'll give me an excuse to wash the car (still wouldn't expect to win anything though....).

Here you go.

Pre booked exhibitors on this one. I booked back in February number 007. If you decide to come give me a shout.

04 September 2019 - 20:28

Wow what an honour with the new banner.

05 August 2017 - 20:21

Sorry about the pictures. I have them on google photos and at the moment it seems to be a bit hit and miss. I am trying to put a picture of my engine bay on here but seem to be having problems.

01 October 2017 - 07:52

All in order on mine as well. I use iPad and an iMac usually with google chrome. Just checked and using safari all is in order as well.

21 June 2017 - 12:03

Sorted the Vogue spelling 👍 Glad you like the sport I just didn't really like mine. The supercharger was great though however I do still prefer the p38. Perhaps I just prefer older cars.

21 June 2017 - 07:18

Thanks for the welcome much appreciated. The other Range Rovers I have owned are listed below.
Epsom Green Vogue
Rioja Red Vogue
Holland & Holland
Range Rover Sport
Range Rover Supercharged
Oslo Blue Vogue SE
My biggest regret was trading the Holland for the new Range Rover Sport. Never did like the Sport. Really wish I had kept the H&H. Never mind just got to get the SE where it needs to be.

20 June 2017 - 20:59

Hi all.
I have just joined the forum. I have a Vouge SE 2002 in Oslo blue. Purchased it about 4 weeks ago. Needs a bit of paint on the bumpers and the bonnet. Just sorting the mechanical side of things out at the moment. I used the car for my daughters wedding on the 10th June and received some nice comments. I had a Triumph Stag which I have just sold as I wanted another Range Rover. I looked at a couple of classic RR but they were to rotten so I decided to go for the P38. This will be the fourth P38 I have owned. I will try and post some pictures at some point.