The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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i had a dodgy fan on mine , replaced the fan and it fixed several issues that seam to persist out side of the fan including the book symbol, but my AC still doesn't work thou, thats either a pressure switch or gas issue , with 4 dec out side today it's not on my list if things to fix.

check the obvious first brake pads then universals ?

how do the brakes work , are they the over ride system , if so put the reverse plate over and go for a drive see if its any different . remove the wheels and visually check the brakes . are they discs or drums ? hydraulic ,cable or electric.

i replaced my top door not long ago , its a bit of a juggling act with the bottom door and the top door to get them to close properly and hopefully they wont leak. you can loosen the screws on the top door and move the catch ever so slightly but the only adjustment with the top door is the hinges. good luck with it .

what is the difference as the pipe work that i sent to David was 4.0l i think and his is a 4.6 , please correct me if i am wrong , or are we talking a different piece of pipe? or was we just lucky

well who would have guessed the solenoids are different from 95 to 97 model, as in the plug is different, so that didn't work . tried to fix my tail light to as the globe was black but still worked so i replaced it with a dud that didn't work , went and found a new one that dose work to find out i still have the alarm on the dash , so that didn't work either . i also removed the pressure switch for the air con to fix air con , im holding on to the pressure switch as that might be to much for the oldgirl in one day, i have obviously upset her somehow so will start again another day (insert pissed off imogey x2)

well surprise surprise, it happened again ,only this time i left the cover off . so it's not a big thing to get at . as soon as i touched the opening actuator it starts to work again , i would prefer it to just stop, so not happy . pushed the button a couple of times , in frustration and it ratcheted a couple of times so i will replace the opening solenoid and see what happens (insert several swear words). Can we get a pissed off imogey?

just use a non friction modified oil, highly recommended, as the friction modified oil dose not allow the engine to bed in. your right Richard,it is a thing.

what was the original reason for the swap i missed that ?

my engine run in process is to get everything running properly and on the first drive head to an open road and drive at a consistent speed for 15/ 20 mins also let it drop to a low rev and build it back up in a hi gear , this sets the bearings . do not let it labor or rev hard just drive with care for first 300/500km then start to drive it like it will be driven .
PS if the motor is tight from the rebuild do not rev it as it will seize , it can take 5000km for a tight motor to loosen up. you will know its tight it will refuse to go and to push it will seize it , just let it do its own thing until it loosens.
sorry to hear Richard fell off his bike , hope you stop hobbling soon . we don't bounce like we use to .
my cure for gout is rap in cotton , soak with cider vinegar and a couple of drops of lavender oil (100%). the cider vinegar takes out the swelling and the lavender takes out the sting, works for me.

don't worry Loelito to purchase anything is a last resort for every thing in my house ,not just the car . people are to quick to dispose of things in today's world.

when mine was attacked by the lawn mower i replaced the whole door as the door was damaged as well. when i painted the other door it didn't look to hard to do , the top and bottom strips just pull off and the clips slide sideways and the glass is held in with a bonding agent . they is a tool for the removal of the bonding agent but if you can get a piece of piano wire or similar behind the glass you should be able to cut it out.

FYI if you want to have springs made, most lock smiths can make them for you from the original .

China is becoming a real problem for the world and they must be approached with caution, don't forget where the china virus came from ? and the reason it was let out, i think it was a test to see how the world would respond . not an accident.

i have 2 ways to refresh leather , linseed oil , i literally drown the seats in it so there is puddles of it and leave for several days to soak in (i do this with the leather seats that are in my buggy this is an open vehicle and it literally cops everything) then wipe off excess if it hasn't soaked in and buff up with dry rag
Vaseline, used this on my bike jacket for last 35 yrs , once again just rub on and leave to soak in ,sit it in the sun so it warms up , excellent way to water proof leather

thanks for that , i was looking at the right one will have to look a bit harder , i will change the globe and see if that dose anything
as for the wiring issue there is cut marks on the cover so the PO must have used it for something . i might do the same .what would the power capacity be from that plug.

ok i have played with the solenoids and all is working so i put it all back together and it's working again only i really didn't fix anything but i did clean and re grease the spring in the switch, thats the only thing i did other than check things .
i did find that the wiring on the opposite side of the car has been hacked, around the left tail light cover . it appears to have had those crappy press on wire joiners fitted and removed and taped over . this plug has 4 wires on it but doesn't appear to actually do anything , there is even a plug on the side of the body to plug it into but goes no ware, has no wires attached to it , is this some accessory i don't have as mine is a base model. is there a reason someone would want access to it .
i also noticed that i have RH side light failure on the dash but all lights seam to be working , which light is it exactly, i maybe looking at the wrong one
not happy not finding something as it says it's going to happen again 😂

you got a good woman they mate , don't let her get away

hi Pierre3 you are required to do nothing other than take some notice of the comments and make your own decisions, thats the media comments that is . you will see what is going on with the way it's put to you . as thunderburg would say "you have 1 year to make the change before it's to late " push the fear factor , create confusion buy not stating what the change will be and then give direction buy doing what she says . sorry it's not a joke , it's what is really happening and most are not seeing it . it is also how the media works ,especially when it comes to the government or the side they pick in an election .
PS i don't know what will happen if all the cars run on h2 , it's a question that i asked and isnt it all about the weather? if their is a risk that the weather pattern might change then it;s a no go as that is what all this is based on ,weather patterns . how humid would it be in heavy traffic in the city with no wind , an increase in humidity could produce fungus and molds too., we just dont know the effects and they are not going to tell you . as you stated the steam trains didn't cause a problem but they moved all the time not sat stagnant in traffic so the spread was greater also they didnt come in their millions world wide. just looking at the big picture

i dont know how much your gov pay to the company's that own the turbines but in Aust the gov pay $500 000 per unit per year for the life of the turbine and they dont have to produce power for the payment , they just have to be their, no wonder they are building them . yes we did develop the solar panel and then gave it away , apparently it's the Australian way to help 3rd world countries 😂 i do be leave we have the ability to fix the issues we are just going about it wrong . i dont think covering the ground in solar panels is a good idea but putting them on roofs is a good idea , i dont think turning every car into an ev is it either but to replace 50% or more of them in cities through natural attrition is a good idea just for the pollution problem alone as for power production it should be from all types of systems from coal to gas to nuclear or fusion etc. as for cutting down the Amazon, if the governments are so concerned they should stop buying the products or simply start planting more trees of their own and stop bitchen about another country doing what they done to support they own country , we are suppose to be the educated society that dosn't use it's own ideas time to think out of the box and whilst not all ideas are practical they are a start . if it didn't work just state it and move on dont run with bad ideas and try and make it work like they do now . you don't get it right every time but you do learn from your mistakes