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There will also be a dot on the display that shows differing in both parts.

Gilbertd wrote:

Yours is the diesel so you don't appear to have many options, https://www.lrdirect.com/stc2227-alternator. Although someone did identify a replacement regulator and brushes assembly for around £20 which might be a better option as you will keep the original Bosch (I believe) innards.

That was me.
Might be able to find part number if needed.

Pierre3 wrote:

Tanis8472, thanks for your information. I will have a look at the brake switch this weekend, weather permitting.


There are 2 brake switches on the diesel.
Becm checks one against the other. One will be open circuit and the other closed circuit with brakes not on and the values change when brake is applied.

Well it wasn't Brit part. Sorry Britpart.

They were branded Eurospare.

It's going to the great yard in the sky. Can't justify spending any more on her.
Probably be lucky to get 2 years more out of her if it was still running.
Chassis is corroded at the rear where the bumper attaches along with some bearing whine from the rear diff.

Probably won't be getting another rr either.
Still staying with lr though.

Squeaking I'm not sure about, but the knocking is from the crank near no 6 cylinder.
Had a stethoscope down there. Quite nasty sounding.


Spoke too soon. Took it out for a test drive today. Did about 4 miles and started getting knocking and squeaking from engine.
I suspect the bottom ends or big ends have been trashed.

Yep, silicone is what I use.

Gilbertd wrote:

I think all of the suppliers do it, they'll have the LR part number with an extra letter on the end signifying which supplier. That is my one complaint with Rimmers, they will offer genuine or aftermarket with no mention of who made the aftermarket. LRDirect and island will tell you if it is Geuine, OE, Bearmach, Allmakes, Britpart, etc so you stand a good chance of knowing what you will get.

If I recall correctly, p1 is britpart otherwise it'll be oem.

I've hopefully dodged a bullet.
Got new hose fitted, oil filter changed and new oil filled.
Started first time and oil pressure light went out quite fast.
Sounds OK.

Got another hose ordered for the upper one.

Time will tell.

Have a look at Storey Wilsons video.
He is the guy that created eas programming software for pc's etc


I'm doubting my memory now. Not so sure they were in blue bags. I know rimmer have a system of distinguishing part makes into oe, oem and britpart. Its why some parts have p at the end.


Mine were bought from Rimmerbros.com and were definitely in a blue bag.
I thought at the time they were different. Need to contact Rimmerbros.com and find the invoice.

Put battery on tonight and it turned over and tried starting. Didn't let it run.
Just found a genuine part on ebay. Should be here Friday. Will change it and oil and filter and go from there.

I might take off manifold and squirt some oil down the bores if I can find my spare gaskets.


They were changed by me about 2 years ago along with a new cooler. Done about 9000 miles.
I've never seen pipes done like that before.
I'm spitting feathers at the moment.

Yet to put battery back on it as it was flat.
When I do, I'll see if damage is done.

Just been out to look at it again.
They've basically slid the metal pipe into the rubber pipe and put a crimp on it.
That's why I couldn't understand it.
To be honest, the crimp grooves are not very deep.

Not quite understanding the connectors. Never seen them like that before.

A few hundred yards.
Probably fooked the engine.
Drained remaining oil today. Looks normal. Don't mean anything though.