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Jansen LR parts in the Netherlands have some of the clips in stock, both used and new …

I got the samples for the finisher material, which don't look satisfying :-( BUT I ordered some of the clips from a breaker in UK, will report if they fit (my purpose), when they arrive in Germany.

It is indeed from D2 ... EGP100290LUM

Cool, never seen that before … does anyone know the part number?

Bonjour Pierre, thanks ... where did You get this image? I did not know there is a clip-in finisher (never seen one ...) I guess it is part number 17 in Your illustration? 18 is the seal (I haven't seen/recognized in my catalogues ;-) )
The part numbers are both correct, as with many parts from LR ...
Can You please look for the part number "17"? Merci beaucoup!

hi Richard, I guess that will do it, sourced it over here and will get a sample. Thanks, will update if something fits, when the sample arrives.

Found it now ... BTR2697LUM out of stock ... now I am searching for a substitute, I guess this kind of finisher is in many cars.

Hi, I am searching for the part number and/or technical name for the finisher, which closes the gap at the headlining around the sunroof. Fitted a new headliner and as always , the old one doesn't look nice. I guess they are not available new any more, but it does look like a usual automotive part and there should be substitutes around ... anyone a tip?
I have searched the parts catalogues, but can't find the item :-(

Paradox intervention … blast the dye with compressed air into the system. Will bring it everywhere and will show the leak, as with the coolant under pressure?

Hi Richard, the solar sensor can be triggered by a really bright torch light, I was told. Maybe You can test, if the Nano shows the alteration? Iirc the test was, as You described, to point a torch light to the sensor and the fan speed should increase.

Hi Richard,
on topic: Checked the fans and relais on my car, they work as intended. Never noticed them running after switching off the engine on hot days before, in my own car.

Off topic @gearboxes, tcs and engine sizes… interesting and valuable observations, thanks.
I have a slightly different situation with my own 4.0. It shifts at higher rpm, than a 4.6 GEMS (big tc) and comparable to 4.6 THOR with the smaller tc (like the hp22).
My suspicion is the bigger tc gives the lower rpm?

Hi Richard, yes I crossposted it 😉
Temperature was between 91 to 95 C after long incline and 30 C outside.
I always liked the idea of using electric fans for cooling, when the engine is switched off. I know it from VW and Audi.
Now I discovered that the P38 has this already …
BTW as You changed Your gearbox… the THOR 4.6 drives impressive, but as smaller TC fitted like in our 4.0 has the same rpm like mine, when in TC mode. The bigger TC You have fitted should have a lower rpm. I can compare now 4.0 and 4.6 GEMS and 4.6 THOR.

I discovered to today while driving a P38 4.6 Motronic/Thor from a friend, that the air con fans cool down the engine, after it has been switched of. Nice feature, which I always wanted on my own GEMS V8. Now I compared the Electrical trouble shooting manuals of my model year (98 VIN WA) to the 99 onwards ETM and both say the air con fans will be running after engine is switched off, for cooling purposes? Does the GEMS Efi has this feature? There are three relays on both models (13/14/18) which I do maybe understand, but I never experienced my fans running after switching off the engine (or I never heard it?) ... I will test according to the ETM the function of the relays and fans tomorrow on my car, but any hints/tipps on this subject are highly appreciated! happy rangerovering

I rarely use my P38 that much in low and offload, but when the traction control works and kicks in, I remember that at least the indicator sign lights up ... I forgot, if the P38 "speaks" in the message center, too. Maybe just a sign it worked as intended and applied the brake at the spinning wheel(s)? Maybe a check with a diagnostic tool will tell you if there are any errors stored in the ABS ECU. Or traction control kicks in for longer than the intended period (iIrc 20 seconds) and then the brakes have to cool down. Don't know the algorithm/pattern in the ECU and brake control periods.
Were there ABS failure messages, too? Or only traction control? Did the wheels spin a lot? 2 or four channel TC (pre or post facelift 98/99 model year)?

Richard, Your Sherlock Holmes like abilities to trace/find errors are simply amazing!
Congrats for another success story!
happy rangerovering

THX Richard, very useful info. Good luck with your swap. pls report how the bigger TC alters driving. From my experience the GEMS 4.6 have a lot lower rpm while in converter mode (before TC lockup), makes them feel a bit more relaxed.

Hi Richard, sorry for Your gearbox :-( please give an update if the hp24 fits, as I am planning the same swap (the one from a 4.6 GEMS with a bigger torque converter). If it is plug & play (I guess the tranny ECU has to be swapped, too?) but if they are the same lengths and how the 4.0 feels with the bigger TC? Would be gr8!!!

Pierre do You have any tips how to polish the ABS/wood?
Hints are highly appreciated!

Hi Leolito, sorry, had a look at the center console in my parts shelf, sadly it is from a late one (facelift), where the surface peels and one tab is broken. Sorry mate.
The safety box is now in New Zealand ... due to Coronoia lockdown it took more than two month to arrive ...
But I can ask a german breaker, who specialised in P38s?

BTW if I would have a rhd I would try to get my hands on the japanese (genuine/factory) version of the center console, different layout of the buttons and integrated screen in the more convenient place at the top of the console.
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