The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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Pierre … You‘re very lucky having found the part new! It took me ages to find a used one. Only after I found it, I did a search for the corresponding wooden console, as the later ones were the preferred choice. Charles is a very friendly and helpful guy!
If You don‘t have it already I would look for the center console sidewings with wooden top strip. There are versions around, where the side wings have two parts, the wooden strip is bolted with five or six screws. Mostly all leather covered side wings and a few plastic ones are this version, whereas most plastic ones are one piece. What is Your interior color (seats and carpet)?

The swap of the sensor, clock and switches is easy and done perfectly with a Gin (or Whisky in me case) at the desktop.

Leolito I might have the black genuine surround in my parts shelf if it is any help for You? I fully agree on the bad design of the interior. It was made with fast assembly not with repair on their mental agenda or design brief! LHD ones are quite available on continental classified ads pages and usually sell for around 100-150. But wooden ones are made of „unobtanium“ and sell for a fortune (I bought mine for 250 plus postage from france, but I searched very long and got offered sometimes very bad scratched ones for much more money). You just have to search very long. I posted a search query in many FB P38 and LR parts groups and finally got, what I wanted.
There‘s a bad seller on ebay who asks ridiculous prices and is personally someone, whom I try to avoid.

another respectful WOW! I was always interested it this airflow data stuff, but this is really great.

THX Morat, like it, too. obviously.

Richard, I have searched them for a long time ... some D2 commercials had them fitted.
Even searching for images inn advance didn't show up any results.

Luckily a fellow P38 driver got them as a 2nd set with his car and dislikes them very much ;-)
Gives the car a more "utilitarian" look.

Finally found a set of genuine steel wheels (and a reason for another set of tires, I have to drive through a forrest area with hills and some mud for the next year, would have chosen MT thread, but there's nothing road legal for winter available here in germany :-( )
So I fitted Pirelli Scorpion AT plus ... otherwise I would have chosen the General Grabber MT ... which gave some trust on my offload RR Classic many years (ago).
enter image description here

Very nice ones! THX

Cool project ..!

I guess it is something for a long evening and the several Electrical manuals on the screen in parallel for a comparison of the pin layouts?
I have a 98 V8 GEMS with the additional relay for the compressor clutch ... maybe it is possible to use one later (THOR) fuseboxes.
Maybe a comparison of the owner manual and fuse numbers will show differences, too.

Has anybody knowledge or experience, what in the fuse box usually fails? Can it repaired … parts compatibility?
I know about burnt out blower relays from reading …

Impressive car! Wow 😮
I Like the frontbumper a lot.
Willow Green looks very good on the P38

I read in Your signature about the 50th anniversary … was it the one with the 18“ Comet wheels?


What a pity, just received a nice order, very well professionally packed & superfast processed.
I will miss their good website, too. They even searched themselves in other sources for some rare parts, which are not big profit. That's how they created customer loyalty.

Hey guys, thx so far!
The gearbox has been serviced this year, less than 10.000 Km driven.
Another friend points towards electrics / wiring loom, because there was a damage/fire to the cats some month ago.
The P38 now has thrown a gearbox fault one time and the gearbox neutral, which points towards electricity, as my friend definitely did not put the fuse in the fusebox to select neutral for the transfer case.
As the gearbox has been changes tow times and there was catalyst damage underneath, we look for the wiring loom and connectors as a next step.

I am sure he did. it correct, as I told & showed him, how to do it … only a few weeks ago;-) and I reminded him on the phone.

Hi @all, a fellow enthusiast has probs with his 97 P38 with the 4HP24EH gearbox. Sometimes in the last days the car had either lost drive (neither forward, nor reverse) while driving or from startup. No messages, just no drive. No mechanical sounds he says. Oil level is fine and correct checked. And it recovers mystically self and then he can drive again. Gear selection works, as lever moves and gear indicator in the message centre are corresponding. Transfer box can be switched between high and low. Now we are a bit lost, where to start next steps for researching the cause ... any hints re greatly appreciated!
best regards

This also means that ABS will activate even when you are not pressing the brakes but only slowing down using engine braking. I've have since experienced this on a steep muddy descent.
Seems our cars have hill descent control avant la lettre?
Brake or TC? How did You realise?
Maybe the late four channel ABS has more abilities, than I knew ... very interesting.

I don`t know the prices and Your approach, but wouldn´t be a used axle casing from a breaker not cheaper, faster and more convenient?
Just a guess ... anyway, great work!

The rad-bolts are the same painful construction, as the headlamp rear ones ;-) it seems it was a fashionable idea amongst LR construction engineers of that time ... guess they never estimated us turning the bolts 20 years after building the car.

HeYa everyone, pls share via PN your plans/drawings/measurements for brackets etc. with me, as another fellow enthusiast just asked this questions by coincidence in a foreign language forum. I will share with him, as he is not online, here.
happy rangeorovering

Paul, the vendor of the stainless steel spring, is a very nice and friendly guy. He refurbishes steering wheels for the P38 and offers decal kits for the cruise control and ICE buttons.