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seems I got talent in finding parts virtually made of unobtanium lately ... must be final state of featuritis, I guess. ;-)

Hi @all, I am searching for four upper retaining clips / fasteners for the genuine rubber floor mats / carpet mats for the P38. Anyone know a source, they seem to be some kind of twist lock and I haven't found any thread about it nor source on ebay etc ... any hint / tip is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance
They are the upper parts in image 7 and 8.
enter image description here

Gordonjcp … yes, very funny Description, but I think You got it. Read somewhere ( forgot where) that’s related to the big rivets which get minimal play.

Greyhound5 … Good luck, now You got the source.

There is a clunk which is characteristic of many P38 I experienced, which comes from the rear trailing arms ...

I wasn't aware of all those small differences in detail, like connectors ... I am a bit varied in model years, there may be / are six editions of the electrical workshop manual around ... nearly every model are some small changes until 99 my Iirc ... I realised several times, devil´s in the detail ;-)
Thanks for sharing!

Like Symes and Bolt, plus one ... fault may be found somewhere in the starter circuit. Just a bad starter solenoid ...

Found it today (and this thread as well)
STC3162 (blank key)
found asr1044 as well, have to check if this is the valet key or the mechanical blade (blank) ...

Richard ... what a beautiful silver one You've got there. It´s really a pity, that I'm not a collector. One of my all time favourites in outer appearance!

Hi Unimog996 (great cars, too btw),

interesting approach, following with interest. Please keep us updated!

I guess You have a Thor / Bosch injection? With higher octane fuel and the knock sensors it might have a nice effect making use of the higher compression.

Don‘t know much about the motronic, though.

I might contribute a bit confusion, as I discovered during a chronic attack of this enthusiast disease called „featuritis“, with symptomizes with acut cases of installing / altering genuine features ...
On LHD SE of my model year, the footwell illumination is NOT prewired. Neither left or right, nor in the rear part of the Centre console.
Left hand rear door has plug and connection to Becm for a puddle light prewired, right hand, where the connecting wire is much shorter, the part between b-post and BECm is missing in the loom and connectors, whereas the plug in the door is existing ... should have taken a selfie scratching my head while trying to make sense out of this ;-)
Earth strap to bonnet is not existing ...
I think there are 6 editions of the electrical trouble shooting manual?

If You open the fuse box lid under right hand seat, above the fuses under a usually thick layer of dust could be a paper label with a printed number ... there should be either a „L“ or more probably a „H“ for highlife readable ... as well as part numbers.

Electric seats are at least pre facelift easy, if You got a matching loom and seats together. You can do a neat addition which looks like factory fitted. I had manual heated leather seats, now the driver seat is electric with memory ... the Electric ones are much better adjustable and comfortable (for my ergonomics).
Funny finding, I had to disable mirror dip after plugging in the seat with memory into the BECM, because I have only the 6-wire mirrors, which went down everytime I engaged reverse, but never went up again ... after two times reversing I realized and heard mirrors moving ... another surprised facial expression ;-)

Regarding the difference between 4.0 and 4.6 my Observation is slightly different, the 4.6 has much more low end torque, at least when I compare my model year - 98. Maybe due to the difference in the gear box torque converter (4hp22 with the 4.0 and 4hp24 with 4.6). Several hundreds rpm less while accelerating with the 4.6 and more responsiveness when the lockup happens at higher speeds, even if the gear boxes have the same ratios.
Because of that I swapped the maf and throttle pot with my 4.0 gems for new ones, which made a major difference after 220.000 km ;-) they did not show any fault messages, but driving with cruise control is much smoother right now and it takes over without any lack.

to make the confusion perfect, I got the recommendation 0280156045 Bosch.
Interesting comparison chart:

Now I need to know the genuine specs of ERR722 ... for exact matching

Hi Richard, found it here on the site ... thanks for the comparison link!

Short cut: it is Bosch 0 280 155 884 for the GEMS

Hi, I am planning to change my old LUCAS injectors (single hole) ERR722 injectors for some 4 hole Bosch injectors (coming from germany they are easier available, than Ford ones). Does anyone have a proper part number or better the specs of the LUCAS injectors in normed flow rate and resistance for comparison? Or some Bosch part numbers, I have gotten many contradicting informations so far and hope that someone has done this with positive experience before.
thanks in advance.
happy rangerovering

Hi Romanrob, the kit for the additional relay Haus the part number YMQ104590AA.
I don‘t have the pdf / tsb here, where I am writing right now, but of You do a google Image search with that part number a wiring diagram shows up on the „landyzone“ website.
Or You have rave with tsb and search for the bulletin?

Edit: found a link to the pdf when I entered the part number above and pdf. Here You go: https://www.rangerovers.net/attachments/06-10-99-intermittent-operation-of-ac-system-pdf.235530

I had the case with a friends P38 , where the sunroof motor was working, but the glass not moving, in which I could engage the drive by pressing the button making the Motor spin and carefully moving the glass with the „emergency key handle“ ... maybe worth a try?

Hi Bolt, just installed yesterday one of this redesigned tanks in the P38 of friends. . The bleed pipe is really a bit too long. I made long holes in the bracket and moved it a bit inwards. (LHD)
Mine came with a cap and it was the right one.
My experience with Allisport customer service is really good / great. Feeling sorry for You.

Happy new year to all ;-)
Let´s continue to share ... same procedure than last year

Hi, I came across the 50th anniversary badges found on some 1998 LR Models, I am searching for the side wing Badges, like my avatar (or any other 50th badge).
Please remember this Post, when You are next time in a breaker yard ... they can be found on Discoverys (as a lucky fellow Greece P38 friend got them)
Of course will pay them, they are only available for silly money on ebay ... being a P38 driver / owner I'm crazy, but `nough is ´nough ;-)

As I have the Option of getting some of these insulations, does anyone know, if they fit a V8?
Interference with the exhaust? Oilpan?