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22 May 2018 - 08:57

Courtesy of 'Sorceror' on LPGforum

I knew about the Firefox fix, didn't know about the Chrome fix

17 June 2018 - 16:41

Did a write up on it on LPGforum here's the link

09 July 2018 - 15:21

Question in the topic name. I don't think I've untracked any threads I've been on yet.

04 June 2018 - 09:40

See the video on the this page https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/aluminium-repair-starter-kit/

Fix your own aluminium cylinder head where pitted on the compression gasket land due to a blown head gasket / easily fix holed aircon pipes? Would you have faith this would work?

I have a leaky aircon pipe (not on a P38), haven't looked where the leak is yet but the missus could hear it was near the back wheel. When I get time plan is to pressurise the AC system (with CO2 or LPG because DIY AC gas refills are expensive, I don't have nitrogen and don't want to shove water vapour in with compressed air), locate the leak, remove pipe and hopefully use this stuff (cheaper from Ebay) to braze and fix it. If that works I might let an AC firm suck all the gas out and refill... but wonder if it CO2 / LPG would be a problem for their machine?

15 November 2018 - 10:05

Considering buying a press. I've previously managed without one even for jobs where a press would have made things much easier but I now have a few wheel bearings to change at around the same time and buying one seems to make sense. Don't want to spend a fortune on some massive 75ton overkill rated floor standing thing but don't want to buy anything that's not up to the job either. First use will be for wheel bearings on the ML and on a Corsa (just bought for the missus to learn to drive in). What tons rating should be on top of the job but without too much overkill / bulk / expense?

30 September 2017 - 16:56

Title says it all...

It seems to work that way in opening time but not in oily bits or electrikery.

07 October 2018 - 17:52

Anyone got a recommendation?
Bought a wheel bearing for the ML the other day, didn't expect fitting it to be dead easy but didn't expect to get stuck at such an early point as removing the wheel!
On my wheel bolt to 17mm hex adaptor some of the male security drive pattern has snapped off, so now I'm going to have to find another method of getting the security bolts out of all 4 wheels.
Haven't yet measured the security bolts outside head diameter (circular so nothing to grip to, will need a tool that hammers on and bites in), the other bolt heads are 17mm (hex) so without measuring would guess outside diameter will be 17mm..
I'd imagine there'll be tools on the market that are far better than others. Loads on Ebay but would rather not buy plastic/snap-off quality stuff!

26 July 2018 - 20:09

Not a P38 but there may be P38 owners who could profit out of this at my expense!

While using my Nissan Elgrand to tow my large caravan from near Doncaster Yorkshire to Newquay Cornwall I felt a drop in engine power coming up a hill on the A30 20 miles from Newquay. I immediately suspected the very common (to Elgrand) blocked cat problem - there are 4 cats in total, two at each side of the V6, the front cats break up and clog the entrance to the rear cats, the usual preventative measure is to decore the rear cats which I've done for plenty of customers but not on my own Elgrand!. I pulled into a layby and checked things over... oil clean, had a few codes pointing to cam sensors, pulled the cam sensors and cleaned them up, phoned the 'Elgrand guru' who still reckoned it'd only be a cam sensor (which I doubted). Connected LPG software and found bank 1 was running with 30% less fuelling than bank 2 so I suspected the problem would mostly be affecting bank 1 (since both lambda's flicked and since bank 1 therefore was pulling 30% less air than bank 2). Tried driving again but the problem remained. Stopped in another layby and called the RAC out, like the guru the RAC man also doubted it'd be blocked cats, he also advised me that only my car was covered so if I wanted recovering they'd have to call in one of their subcontractors who would shift the caravan to Newquay for me for £500! I insisted we did something about the cats so he loaned me a hammer and chissel and I knocked a hole in the downpipe on bank 1 before the rear cats... found it full of cat debris. Knocked another large hole further up the exhaust. Set off again and the car pulled much better, RAC man (who had been following) left me to it but another 2 miles down the road and the problem recurred only this time with overheating and the oil was black. Called RAC man again, another bloke came out, this bloke gave me the number to his mates garage who recovered the car and caravan to Newquay for £150+VAT and got me onto the camp site. Next day I borrowed step son-in-laws car to go into town and buy some tools and oil from Halfrauds, I disconnected bank 2's second cat and tried driving the car very noisily up a steep hill away from the campsite. Made it 100 yards and the engine seized! Reverse rolled all the way back to the camp site.

Hired a Zafira which I can drop off in Doncaster so this will get us home but not the caravan (no towbar) and not the Elgrand. Plan now is that I'll have to hire a car trailer to come back for the Elgrand with my Merc ML and then come back again in the ML for the caravan. I can store both the caravan and car here for £20 per week and may try to arrange things so we get a few days 'holiday' each trip, but that's 2 x 700 mile round trips and potential time out from work I haven't arranged things around.

I wonder if any capable vehicle (i.e. P38) owners would like to make a few bob by shifting my Elgrand from Newquay to South Elmsall W.Yorks? Timescale - Well, plan A is that I come back for the Elgrand first leaving the caravan here the longest so I can get 2 extra 'holidays' out of it rather than just the 1 if I pick the caravan up first. This may change if I arrange for someone else to shift the Elgrand (could maybe get both at the same time). I can leave both here until November but don't want to leave either here that long and would suit me better if I get the Elgrand back first so I can drop another engine in it if only I wasn't so busy at work. I'm fairly tied up at work until September and it may take me that long to source another engine anyway.

06 April 2019 - 09:09

I'm converting an ex ambulance Rover V8 powered LDV van to LPG, it has twin dashpot type carbs but I'm not sure if they're SU's or something else. I've had mixers on shelf to suit SU's as fitted on some Rover V8's for years... they might fit this but I'm asking in case they don't as it could save me a bit of time when I start the job if mixers on shelf don't suit and I need to order other mixers - Mixers for dashpot type carbs are not circular they bolt directly on so need to match the bolt pattern and flow area. Day off work today, just had the van dropped off and took the pics.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

Quaife LSD on this van... And on the floor seen through the window to the left of the sticker Romano reducers I removed from this P38 https://www.lpgforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=14509&sid=7a71dc88de8366acee8e5d1015589dcc

enter image description here

The LDV has only done 26000 miles in it's 21 years but the engine smells a bit blow-by breathy and exhaust smells rich so I'm half expecting a few complications, running rich on petrol won't affect running on LPG but blowby and crankcase ventilation issues can. The engine has a bit of a tick, if it's had so little use wonder if rust ever formed in cylinders and damaged rings, no smoke though. The van is high roof, automatic, carries a cooker and camper gear, canoos etc on the massive full length roof cage and owners reckon it gets 14mpg which I'd think seems about right.

17 July 2019 - 20:07

Had a chat with an ex Landrover specialist garage owner today, Chris (mentioned on Mazz's diesel problem thread). During the chat he told me that a P38 that I'd converted years ago, a 2002 4.6 that he'd personally rebuilt the engine on only a couple of years ago was recently sold for only £1100 because the owner (who is or was owner of a factory in Halifax who chain smoked all his life and now carries a bottle of oxygen on the front passenger seat) had been messed around by a couple of potential buyers then reckoned he couldn't get a higher price for it. And I thought he was a clever bloke and businessman.. daft lad! It was an extremely nice example with no issues whatsoever. I'd like a P38 but haven't got good reasons to justify owning one... but still I'd have snatched his hand off for a far higher price.

17 March 2019 - 17:59

Didn't enjoy converting a supercharged L322 last week.This week I'm converting an XJ8, more or less the same engine but without the supercharger, still needs a fuel return fitting, still needs a lube (but at least not electronic type)... But I wasn't counting on this car having air suspension stuff in the middle of the spare wheel well and it seems this air suspension stuff is going to be much more of a pain to shift than it is on an L322. Some pipes run through a rubber grommet in the wheel well floor to the suspension, pipes also run internal in the wheel well to the pump, so to shift it from the spare wheel well so I can fit the tank I'll have to extend the pipes.

Pic of the air suspension stuff in the wheel well
enter image description here

But how to extend the pipes... I don't want to have run new lengths of pipe to each suspension corner, pump, etc... I just want to buy more of the same types of pipe and use pipe joints. Can anyone help identify what type of pipe joints I need and where to get them in a hurry?

Here are some close up pics of the pipes marked 6x1 and 4x1 (which I take to mean 6mm diameter x 1mm wall thickness etc) and the end fittings which use little collets. Reckon I don't need to worry about the end fittings as I should be able to re-use them on the pipes I add as extensions, but I do need to buy some of this 6x1 and 4x1 pipe and fittings to connect 2 lengths of 6x1 together and 2 lengths of 4x1 together.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Anyone know where to get those bits in a hurry? I'm not sure what thread they are etc but I thought perhaps they're usually a standard type and some of the knowledgeable people here might know.

I didn't mean to post this in Opening Time, had a look to see if I could shift it but seems beyond my moderation powers... Higher mods feel free to shift this thread.

Thanks, Simon

11 June 2019 - 20:02

What's this then ? ;-)

enter image description here

I was asked the same question on a different forum... I nearly submitted a guess which would have been correct but didn't guess and failed lol. If the pic had been higher res I may have submitted my best guess.. Reckon some of you lot will do better than me!

Probably wait til we've had 3 guesses before naming the naked vehicle.

28 June 2018 - 10:39

Posted this on LPGforum, copied and pasted here.

Just had a phone call from someone at DVSA (took his name but won't mention it here)...

He asked my advice because many owners of LPG converted vehicles have contested MOT failure (due to MIL light being on and since the stricter MOT rules were introduced) because they believe it is normal for LPG converted vehicles for the MIL light to be on. He said he/DVSA had been searching the internet for info on whether this was correct but couldn't find much info, then found my website and it seemed I would be able to answer his question(s).

I told him that the MIL light should not be on on an LPG converted vehicle.
I also told him I was probably shooting myself in the foot telling him the truth, because if DVSA believed it was normal for the MIL to be on it could be a further advantage for owners of LPG converted vehicles at MOT time!


14 July 2017 - 12:35

Yesterday I removed a complete LPG system from a Disco3 with Jag engine.

System comprises 95L 4 hole full toroidal tank (was underslung), Agis electronics and injectors, KME reducer, BRC style forced lube system.

The owner will be selling the lot, probably on Ebay.

He said he doesn't much like LPG anyway, and besides, Guy Salmom (his preferred Landrover dealers) won't have the vehicle in their shop with the LPG system installed, not even just to service it. I did mention he could have taken it to one of the many other LR specialists but he wanted it removing and had me spell out very specifically on his receipt that all of the LPG system was removed to appease Guy Salmom!

The tank was a pita to remove, bolts all seized and difficult to access... angle grinder job! Cut the rear bolts easily but couldn't get to the front bolts until I'd slipped a jack in between the tank and Disco underframe to pry the tank down a bit, even then I had to put a 9" cutting wheel on a 6" grinder to reach a front bolt... the big disk spinning so close to my hand in a hard to reach spot wasn't something I enjoyed! With only 1 bolt remaining I fatigued it off rather than repeat the risky cutting.

The bits would fit and work on other LR models including P38s but the front end bits would be a bit difficult to get spare parts for, The 4 hole tank will be the most valuable and useful part here but will need a bit of work - new solenoid post, coil, will come without a filler or JIC filling pipe, I'd advise a new level sender, it'll need wire brushing and paint.

If anyone contacts the seller don't mention this post ;-)


16 November 2016 - 15:26


I'm Simon Andrew, Lpgc on Lpgforum and well known to Gilbertd from there.

Was intrigued by one of Gilbert's recent comments there, enough to sway me to look at this forum, and I might be getting involved in doing head gaskets on a P38 soon and this forum seems full of experts (including Gilbert of course) so I joined up. I don't own a Rangerover myself but I work on plenty.

Well buga me, I'm to be moderated by Gilbertd... Everything in moderation though eh Gilbert hehe!



10 February 2017 - 20:11

OK I know this is a P38 forum.

Had a customer the other day with a 3.5 Disco, came in unable to run on LPG and didn;'t run great on petrol either. Sorted a few probs with the open loop mixer LPG system (needed new switch which wasn't seeing RPM so never turned gas on) and then fixed the bodged pipe between reducer and mixer and set it up a lot better.

But, he'd messed up ignition timing before he came. So, questions are - Anyone know static advance? Anything to know about timing marks on the front pulley? Likely to be any probs in the dizzy? He has his own timing light and wants to do it himself but I'd hazard a guess he'll be asking me the above questions at some point.


17 March 2017 - 22:30

I'll be doing a thread on LPG forum on a Maserati Grand Turismo I just converted, but I dunno if I'll be including the following content, or if I do it may be with a disclaimer!

Those that know me may be interested ;-)

Dropbox links 190mb and 100 mb respectively::
vid 1

vid 2

I thought I was the first to convert one of these, at least properly, at least to run totally on LPG at full throttle up to the red line in sport mode, so what a shame when as a coincidence I receive these anonymous mental videos via email (or something, I forget how I obtained them now) from some other at least half decent LPG pro who seems to have achieved just that. Obviously I wouldn''t be crass enough to film such stuff on phone, especially while I was driving. Man after my own heart, though... . ;-)