The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse.
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Mar 22 2016
28 June 2018 - 05:41

6 stations with lpg, if only I was that lucky, lol.
As you know, I’ve got the choice of 1

28 June 2018 - 05:48

Core plugs are only a couple of quid for the set, your get hammered on labour for a job that requires knocking something into a hole, I’d pull the manifold off and do them myself. Couple of hours to do both sides for peace of mind.

28 June 2018 - 22:06

The only detailing mine gets is through a car wash, lol

29 June 2018 - 03:31

I know exactly what you mean, the clocks can be hard to see depending on the weather conditions, I don’t think even with them illuminated it would make that much of a difference.
If anything I’d look at illuminating the speedo needle in a different colour, ( led ).
it makes it stand out more, then possibly run a switched supply to just that bulb holder, I know a few were talking about doing LED bulb sets, but don’t know if it ever left the drawing board !.
If you think ours are bad, try a Peugeot 407, worst clocks I’ve ever seen, illuminated or not.

01 July 2018 - 12:25

If you take it out and do the prep work, ( sand off the sponge) get a few mates round with a few beers it will be done, the stretching is the hardest part, ie many hands, I’m doing mine on my own, I’m stretching it over a frame then laying in place, it’s most probably safer than asking the kids to help. Lol.
I’m sure if you search upholstery’s there’s one nearby, but expect a couple of hundred against 50-60 doing it yourself.

05 July 2018 - 14:38

If it creaks with a light push, then it does sound possibly shock related, or could be body mounts, either that or someone’s pinched your air bags and stuck coils on it, lol

05 July 2018 - 14:41

I would say they just fitted a later receiver, or changed frequency somehow, getting caught by shopping centres, hospitals etc, is still a common thing over here.

05 July 2018 - 23:34

Evoque, yuk ! The convertible is worse, it’s a girls car for sure, mrs beckham did a good job, cos there so popular, would I ever own one, no..
I think they’ve got front even putting Range Rover on it.

05 July 2018 - 23:41

Hmmmmm,, it’s so hard to diagnose unless it’s in front of you, there’s lots of places that won’t show when the cars running, as it seeps onto a nice hot engine, it gets evaporated, try and pressurise the system cold, ( don’t go crazy) then look for leaks. Rear core plugs unless the cars been run with no coolant for a long period is not really something I’d look at, there protected from elements,

08 July 2018 - 09:13

Doesn’t the element unscrew ? I know on mine it does and Bosch parts available on eBay, no where near ££££.
I’d be tempted to grab one off one of the breakers rather than sticking a Chinese copy on

09 July 2018 - 12:24

Hmmmm, possibly the lpg ecu hada fit when the coil went down, when I first got mine it went into melt down and wouldn’t switch between either, otherwise the petrol ecu isn’t getting a signal, can you check that the pump is running or give it a manual boost of 12v, pressure might be at rail, but if it isn’t pumping it won’t work

08 July 2018 - 18:30

Use a paint brush to get most of the dust off, your trip should move the rest around.
That’s the one downside of not having an engine tray, but how long would it last off-road.

09 July 2018 - 00:26

Just found another set, superpro ( black ) cheaper,(. £250 front and rear) compared to nearly twice that for powerflow, but I don’t want to go down the cheap road and be changing them again in a few years.

09 July 2018 - 00:17

So I found out that the P.O. fitted shitpart poly bushes to my radius arms, I’m looking at powerflow ( purple)
To replace them, and maybe the panhard aswell, anyone used these ?

09 July 2018 - 23:46

You’ve got to let the brakes bed in before you go looney with them, we used to say to customers, 50 miles ( London driving) .
I would then go through bleeding again, including the rear, I know it’s a pain, but no point doing half a job,

10 July 2018 - 16:14

Dropping the tank isn’t that bad to do, especially if emptyish, otherwise get some ply and place under the tank on trolley jack, the other route is dare I say, cut the floor.
I cut mine as I had 3/4 of a tank, took longer to pull the rear side panels , seats and carpet up than to change the pump after, I only cut 3 sides so it flapped back down and was sealed with tiger seal with tape over the top, I would check all other avenues first, seems strange to suddenly go pop.

11 July 2018 - 15:39

I like the grey colour they did, think it was called Bonatti grey !
I know what you mean about the Blenheim silver, mines that colour aswell.

11 July 2018 - 23:38

My rig with the wheels everyone hates, lol

11 July 2018 - 23:08

Ok if your on a laptop, how do you right click a iPad ?

12 July 2018 - 11:00

So I followed the link, which says to use the copy feature, tried that and got zilch,
I hate computers..
Asked one of the kids, they tried aswell, when I come to paste it here, I touch and hold, and nothing, it should say paste apparently !