The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's
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Mar 22 2016
30 September 2020 - 00:45

As Richard says, it’s a leak or purge pump on secondary system, not something we see over here so I’m afraid it’s down to your expertise with this one.

30 September 2020 - 07:45

Haven’t been on much lately so miss chipping in on this thread, I do the reverse disc to get the hub out, then a 32 oz ball pen hammer to pneumatic shock anything else, believe me it’s 10x better than a lump hammer, precise and does the job, hub carrier a 2 leg puller on the bottom, a few whacks and they pop,, when Rick popped down we did both sides in 3 hrs with tea breaks, only had one that need oxyacetylene to persuade a top ball joint to move, like Marty I’ve done quite a few ..

30 September 2020 - 23:28

Gilbertd wrote:

That was an easy one then.

Makes a change 😂🤣

04 October 2020 - 19:18

I might be wrong, but didn’t the drop links have an Allen key in the end of the thread so you can tighten them up,,

23 October 2020 - 20:08

BOING ! Zebedee arrived,, I said the other night I’d trod on a Brian, to the other half, unintentionally I might add, as her daughter would of thrown a fit, gotta love the magic roundabout 👍

22 October 2020 - 19:34

Hhmmm, interesting, I’ve been offered a set of black leather seats from a 2020 hi line Audi for £50, was thinking of changing mine as these are smart to say the least

27 October 2020 - 21:19

Well this has made me laugh, how did he ever pass the tester exam, what a complete muppet, I’d go in there, get his boss and educate the idiots, also tell him your having your viscous checked Incase he’s buggered that,, I’ve had rangerovers for many years now, but luckily have a good clued up guy who looks after mine ,, any advisories he writes on a bit of paper and leaves in the center consul, lol

07 November 2020 - 00:02

My led bulbs ( powerfuluk.com ) light up the kerb pretty good, beam is excellent, OB recommended them but I was scared off by the price then ( £99) , when they dropped to half of that I bit the bullet, best £47 I’ve spent on the old girl,, I can now see where I’m going, not been flashed at either which was a regular occurrence while trying other bulbs

09 November 2020 - 23:05

leolito wrote:

I had the LEDs from powerful uk and unfortunately I had to return them as they lasted around 6-7 months.
It was pretty good while it lasted though ... will try the OSRAMs when I gather some $$$ for them.

Wow, had mine a couple of years with no problems,,

14 November 2020 - 02:03

Well done guys, I know you will always wipe them off when you see them,,

17 November 2020 - 04:47

Sabian wrote:

Hi and many thanks for the welcome, it’s really appreciated.

It’s a 99 plate autobiography (4.6 GEMs) in a dark metallic blue, quite a tidy vehicle TBH just needs a bit of TLC here and there with the usual things like tramlining and air suspension issues and most recently an issue with it overheating which I hope didn’t do any serious damage so keeping a close eye on that one at the moment. Like I said it’s a steep learning curve for me and nice to know I’m among some like minded enthusiasts.

In terms of location I’m not too far from Barnard Castle
Thanks again for the reply

First thing to check is the rad isn’t blocked, had a few gems with blocked rads where no antifreeze had been used,,welcome to the world of not having a weekend free, lol,, there will always be something to play with being a p38 owner 😂🤣

17 November 2020 - 04:50

Paul, welcome to the sane site,, looks like you have a collection, jcb, Noble,, you must have a very patient wife 😂🤣

18 November 2020 - 17:00

Gonna have to look at mine now, I don’t think it displays time or date on it, might be wrong though.

20 November 2020 - 04:29

No5, there is a flexi as such on the exhaust manifold, as morat says, get a test done on the engine, the rest are doable if your mechanicly minded, nothing that we haven’t encountered before..it’s near on 20 yrs old , so gonna need some tlc, then your good for the next 20yrs..

16 March 2018 - 03:35

I’m going to make some calls today re PLI, if we have to have individually it’s about £60 which is bloody ridiculous, surely the people who have arranged the event have PLI ?. A couple of quid each, from each entry would cover everyone,, and there events for a year, makes more sense to me !
I’m not tight, but I’m not spending fuel, entry, and then another £60 to go at 5 mph in a long line of LR’s, I can sit on the m25 for free, in a lot longer queue 🤬

19 March 2018 - 18:42

It’s normally a faulty sensor, it’s been said that locking and unlocking with the key sometimes clears it.
Is the car running otherwise ?
Ps, you can buy replacement cover for the buttons, get a pin under the edge and it lifts off, takes seconds to change

20 March 2018 - 16:43

Think we’re all in the same boat, luckily enough my lpg failed this week, so other half has gone upto redcar in her Clio,,, otherwise guess who would be the lucky person driving it around, lol

19 March 2018 - 18:00

No posts, means spam has been deleted

21 March 2018 - 03:53

I read your post on RR.net and wondered if one of the boys would direct you here lol. I think no matter what goes wrong with your car, there is someone here that will put you right!! Wait until LPGC comes along and he'll see you right about an installation. He does it for a living.

As if any of us would direct someone here from rr,net, were not allowed to do that. Lol

21 March 2018 - 04:24

I’ve got a gems that I’ve done the heads on, it ticks over for hours ok, but directly it's out under load it will overheat, I’ve changed rad, stat, repaired leaking Orings and pipes, checked water pump, flushed the system twice, driving me nuts. I’m thinking there’s a problem with the block.
I’m wondering if I can put a Thor short engine with flywheel and cps , I can’t see why not, maybe a few wire swaps to cps. Anyone done this before.
Also will a 4.0 ecu run a 4.6 ? Again I can’t see why not as only stroked, same size bores ect.