The only place for a coil spring is up Zebedee's arse
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I've built a 4.6/3.9 hybrid V8 the engine starts runs no leaks But idle is up & down I've sprained cleaner on joints for leaks--- none found ---- could it be stepper motor?

Ventured out in vogue today and met a guy with a DSE --- it was nice but the bloke was a real fruitloop ---- he was going on about how changing the fuse to ECU gives you about 50 hp
Didn't bother telling him that I oversee engine building/tuning for marine use
Hope you all have a lovely Christmas time with your loved ones too

I stupidly used the vogue today and broke the fold down plastic panel that comes down with the tailgate ---- need to know what it's called so can get a replacement ---- all the hinges broke off the thing

As header stated mates got a dies hell and he got blowbye from 1/3/4 injectors --- he needs new seals but can't locate any --- part number might help too ---- it's definitely blowbye got nothing to do with return pipes in case you were thinking that 👍

Happy Easter to you all and your loved ones ---- this year can only get better for everyone --- summer soon and beating covid 19 slowly so should be able to get out and drive and enjoy your vehicle's again

1997 ( P - reg ) 4.6 HSE 85000 miles green / black interior on springs & 16" steels £1600 Tom @ Roverviews

I've seen it and very tidy vehicle that runs quite nice ---- so if anyone wants a low miles tidy P38 give him a call --- he offered it to me but I'm not after a P38

Just wondering ---- vogue hazard switch is black ---- mates DSE switch is red ---- how come ---- red better so why mine black ? Anybody know ?

Went to use vogue earlier and my heated window switches dont work neither do the heated seats I've checked fuses so any ideas ---- I am seriously considering calling it a day with it now --- getting to be very unreliable and bloody cold too

Just wanted to wish all of you and your loved ones a merry Christmas especially as this year has been a challenge to say the least

As title says ---- this is a mates DSE My suggestion of bin it and get a V8 didn't go well ---- it's a BMW engine and I don't like them having blown 6 m57 derived versions ---- might be good in cars but crap in marine use ---- Toyota far better So any suggestions would be great help to mark and his DSE

I've come to the conclusion my 300 TDI will replace my vogue from now on ---- the P38 refused to start so had recovery come ---- eventually it started checked for faults ---- none Today on way home gearbox went into fault mode ? Had no display of gear on dash ---- I can't be dealing with unreliable vehicle so sticking with 300 TDI at least that is easy to work on

My mate mark got a DSE that would stall on selecting gears from park !? It didn't want to shift gears properly either so took it to a guy who put it on a computer and said fuel out of phase ? --- he said pump/injectors ? I asked him to get into gearbox ECU he said he couldn't 🤔 we fitted my vogue gearbox ECU and straight away computer got access ---- so after getting another DSE ECU the whole DSE transformed itself into a smooth gearchanging nice running range rover ----- still can't understand why/how ECU had failed

Can anyone recommend were to get the saddle color from ---- tried a guy who has loads of ads on eBay but he never got back to me ---- I need some so can sell my vogue

As you know I've got a 99 vogue (1 of 30 made in Oxford blue) I've now got a land rover discovery 300tdi 7 seater no sunroof model 🙄 it's mechanically sound just rust ---- quick weld up and then ready for granddaughter 1st car ---- what you guys think ?

E10 fuel in forum Oily bits

Had a classic car club member showing me news about how / when the E5 fuel is replaced by E10 that loads of cars won't run on it --- unless £s spent on modifying them ----- how will this effect all p38s petrol and diesel engines ?

Hi everyone I got a tip to come here from range rover.net --- second best bit of advice I've ever had --- 1st was getting a P38
I am a mechanical engineer by trade building marine diesel engines for power . My hobby is classic cars and hotrods --- have worked with various companies on a weekend basis to hone my fabrication and spraying skills. Have a 1962 ford consul low rider ,1965 rover p6 2000 with a Buick 300ci V8 , 1998 4.6 HSE and daily use 1999 vogue SE